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Leapmotor T03

Leapmotor T03 now has 3 LFP battery suppliers

The Leapmotor T03 is probably the best affordable small electric car currently being sold in China. Not only it has a decent 403 km NEDC range (around 300 km in WLTP), fast charging via...

Leapmotor T03 and NETA V

Leapmotor T03 and NETA V get faster versions

Today I bring good news my fellow readers! The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) has just approved faster versions of the Leapmotor T03 and the NETA V to be produced and sold...

2021 Leapmotor T03

Leapmotor T03 gets cheaper with LFP battery

Last year I wrote an article praising this small electric car from Leapmotor. It’s small, extremely cheap with decent range and full with safety features that are rare in this segment.   Back then,...