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Na-ion battery cell by NAIMA project 13

Sodium-ion batteries are coming

Sodium-ion batteries (NIBs) are coming with potential to revolutionize grid energy storage and indirectly help EVs in a big way. Let’s see how!   Recently CATL announced that it’ll begin to produce NIBs in...

2021 Leapmotor T03 9

Leapmotor T03 gets cheaper with LFP battery

Last year I wrote an article praising this small electric car from Leapmotor. It’s small, extremely cheap with decent range and full with safety features that are rare in this segment.   Back then,...


LG Chem keeps losing ground to CATL

A few years ago, when Panasonic was Tesla’s sole battery cell supplier, the Japanese company was the world leader in battery cell production. Then, more recently, LG Chem was able to surpass Panasonic by...