Xiaomi 70MAI Pro

This is the perfect dashcam for your car.



This is the perfect dashcam for your car. It records with good quality under poor light conditions and uses the latest video codec H.265. Moreover, it’s very discrete and easy to install.

I recommend the version with GPS module, it’s required to have ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System).



  • Sony IMX335: Sony introduces a high-end image sensor with 2 micron large pixels that can receive more light than a sensor
  • About 2.5 times the 1080P: the conventional 1080 is 2 million pixels, and the 5 million pixels is 2.5 times the 2 million pixels.
  • H.265 new coding technology: H.265 is a new video coding standard developed by U-T VCEGEI following H.264
  • Defog algorithm: 70 self-developed algorithm, can also be photographed in a foggy environment
  • WDR wide dynamic: 5en50 for multiple exposures and output multiple images, sP for synthesis, after a series of processing to obtain a wide dynamic image of the country;
  • G-sensor: acceleration sensor
  • BSP battery protection mechanism: 70 from the research and development of battery power consumption method, to ensure that the car battery will not be lower than a certain amount of electricity, to ensure that the car can start smoothly