Portable 22 kW EVSE


With this portable and adjustable EVSE you can charge your electric car as fast as possible in every situation.

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This portable and adjustable EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) is perfect to charge modern electric cars.

Why waste money on a fixed wallbox when you can buy a portable, fast and affordable EVSE that you can keep in your car’s trunk?

Moreover, even if your current electric car doesn’t have an on-board charger that supports 22 kW charging, isn’t it wiser to choose a more powerful and future-proof EVSE?


With this EVSE your electric car can charge at a rate between 1,4 and 22 kW, depending on the on-board charger and the settings you choose.


Lets see how fast some popular electric cars can charge with this EVSE:

  • Renault Zoe: 22 kW
  • Smart ForFour ED (453): 7,2 or 22 kW (optional equipment)
  • Smart ForTwo ED (453): 7,2 or 22 kW (optional equipment)
  • Tesla Model S/3/X: 16,5 kW
  • BMW i3 (94 Ah): 11 kW
  • Hyundai IONIQ Electric: 7,4 kW
  • Opel Ampera-e: 7,2 kW
  • Volkswagen e-Golf: 7,2 kW
  • Second-generation Nissan Leaf: 6,6 kW
  • Volkswagen e-up: 3,6 kW


Model IEC 62196-2
Vehicle plug IEC 62196-2 (female) Type 2
Vehicle cable plug length 4 meters – (13 feet)
Electrical Supply 400 V 3-phase / 230 V 1-phase
Recharging Amp (range) 6-32 Amps
Charge Power (range) 1,4 – 22 kW
Variable Amps power Yes
Plug input CEE Industrial Plug 32 Amp 3F+N+TT
Length Plug input ~0,40 m
IP Code IP54
Box dimensions 202x122x90 mm
Weight 4 kg


Made by WallBoxOK, manual available below:



To make this EVSE even more flexible you can use it with a CEE plug adapter. This way you’ll be able to use different sockets.


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