LiitoKala Lii-50A battery cell


Cylindrical 26650 battery cell with great performance and price.

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This cylindrical 26650 battery cell has great performance and price. It’s perfect to assemble battery packs for electric vehicles, such as electric bicycles and electric motorcycles. It’s also very popular for power banks and flashlights.


  • Brand name: LiitoKala
  • Model: Lii-50A
  • Type: Li-Ion 26650
  • Nominal capacity: 5.000 mAh (4.900-5.000 mAh)
  • Nominal voltage: 3,7 V
  • Weight: 95±1 g
  • Rechargeable battery: Yes
  • Rechargeable times: Up to 500 times
  • Internal resistance: ≤20 mΩ
  • Limited charge voltage: 4,2 V
  • Working voltage: 2,75-4,2 V
  • Size: 65,8 mm x 26,8 mm (Diameter)
  • Place of origin: China Hong Kong


I recommend this battery cell because:

  1. Size (small cells give you flexibility to build battery packs in many different shapes)
  2. High energy density (essential for small and light battery packs)
  3. Affordable (around 192 euros per kWh)


See here a performance test of this battery cell. Unlike many other battery cells, this one has actually more capacity than the advertised rating.