Konnwei KW902 OBD2

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Know more about your car with this bluetooth OBD2 scanner compatible with most popular diagnostic apps.

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OBD2 (On-Board Diagnostic) scanners are very important to know more about cars and are especially important for electric cars. With them it’s possible to know the SOH (State Of Health) of an electric car battery and have the information required to diminish further degradation.

For example, when we know the temperature of our electric car’s battery we can adjust our driving or charging behavior accordingly. If the battery is already hot we should avoid fast charges and discharges to prevent high degradation rates.


However, we should avoid cheaper OBD2 devices advertised with the V2.1 version, which simply don’t work with many popular apps. Konnwei KW902 is a bluetooth OBD2 device with realย ELM327 protocol support and V1.5 version.


The developer of Leaf Spy app warns us about this:

“Due to a recent cost reduction (and feature reduction) many of the cheap ELM327 OBDII Bluetooth adapters from Asia no longer work with the Leaf and report themselves to be version 2.1. The only one currently recommended is the Bluetooth Konnwei KW902 which still supports all the needed ELM commands to communicate with the Leaf.”


Konnwei KW902 is the affordable OBD2 device recommended by the developers of two popular apps made specially for electric cars, which are the Leaf Spy and CanZE.

Furthermore, with the ON/OFF power switch you can leave the OBD2 plugged in and it won’t discharge your car’s 12 V battery.



If you have a Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Peugeot iOn or Citroen C-Zero and you want to use caniOn you need the OBDLink LX.