Opel RAK-e

Opel Rak-e concept car

Opel Rak-e concept car


The Opel RAK-e is probably my favorite concept car. It transports two persons in tandem seats. It’s very lightweight and aerodynamic so it doesn’t need a big battery to get a decent range.

For this ultra efficient car, a small 20 kWh battery would be enough for a real world range of 250-300 km. It would also be possible to charge the little battery in less than 10 minutes at a 150 kW CCS fast charger.

At the current price of 150 € per kWh, the 20 kWh worth of cells would cost no more than 3.000 €. Opel could sell this electric car for 10.000-12.000 €.

This electric car would be a hit, especially with younger drivers that don’t even consider buying regular gas cars. This car would also be awesome as a commuter car.


Opel Rak-e concept car


This is the car that would make Opel cool like Tesla Motors or Apple. Is the company smart enough to understand it? Unfortunately I doubt it.


I like it so much that I created a fan page to ask Opel to built it…