These are some of my favorite websites regarding electric vehicles in no particular order.


Google Scholar

I use it all the time to find research articles about battery technologies and other topics.



Sci-Hub is the best companion of Google Scholar, it’ll give access to articles trapped behind paywalls. Find the articles you want to read with Google Scholar, then open them with Sci-Hub.


Battery University

If you want to learn about batteries, this website is the place to go.


Endless Sphere

If you have a DIY project that involves batteries and electric motors go here.


EV Sales

José Pontes does a great job in keeping us informed about plug-in car sales all over the world.


EV News Daily

Great place to get your daily news.


Tesla Motors Club

This is the best forum about Tesla electric cars.



This is a nice forum of the Spanish EV community.


Nissan Leaf PT

This is a Portuguese forum dedicated to the Nissan Leaf.



This is a German forum with many people dedicated to electric cars.


Forum Renault ZOE Z.E.

If you have a Renault Zoe you must visit this French forum.


Elbil Forum

This is a forum from the country that has the highest percentage of electric car adoption in the World, Norway. Very informative.


Speak EV

This is my favorite electric car forum from the UK.