These are some terms that often appear in this website.

  • 18650: it’s a cylindrical cell with a diameter of 18mm and 65mm long
  • AC: Alternating Current
  • AWD: All Wheel Drive
  • BEV: Battery Electric Vehicle
  • BMS: Battery Management System
  • CCS: Combined Charging System
  • DC: Direct Current
  • DOD: Depth of Discharge
  • EV: Electric Vehicle
  • EVSE: Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment
  • FWD: Front Wheel Drive
  • GOM: Guess-O-Meter
  • ICE: Internal Combustion Engine
  • PHEV: Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle
  • RWD: Rear Wheel Drive
  • SOC: State of Charge
  • TMS: Thermal Management System
  • ZEV: Zero Emission Vehicle