Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe in white

Renault Zoe in white


The Renault Zoe is one of my favorites electric cars.

The current home made R240 powertrain is more efficient than the former Q210 made by Continental. Not only the 65 kW motor is more efficient but also is the charger, especially at low currents where the Q210 was extremely inefficient.

The R240 powertrain is also smaller and lighter than the Q210 that it replaced. This was thought not only to save costs but also to make it available for future smaller cars such as the Smart ForTwo ED, Smart ForFour ED and the most awaited (at least for me) Renault Twingo ZE.


Zoe has a battery made with 192 LG Chem cells, each with 36 Ah and 3,75 V. The total battery capacity is 25,92 kWh (192 x 36 Ah x 3,75 V), which only 23,3 kWh are usable, to protect the battery from complete charge and discharge that shorten its lifespan.

The battery is also protected from high temperatures and when needed the AC is used to cool it down.

The Renault Zoe R240 has a very useful internal charger capable of charging up to 22 kW (three phase, 32 A and 400 V).


The NEDC optimistic range is 240 km, but Renault says that realistic you can drive 115 km in the winter and 170 km in the summer on one charge. Batteries, like humans are more efficient at moderate temperatures, around 25 º C is the best for them.

In some countries you can already avoid the mandatory battery leasing that Renault likes so much.