Volkswagen Nils concept car charging
Volkswagen Nils concept car charging


The Volkswagen Nils besides not being on sale, only have one thing I dislike, it only seats one person. The production version should have two tandem seats.

LikeΒ the Opel RAK-e, this very efficient electric car wouldn’t need a big battery to get a decent range.

A small 20 kWh battery and the ability to charge in less than 10 minutes at a CCS fast charger would make it awesome.

If Volkswagen really wanted to repair some damage of the illegally highΒ NOxΒ emissions, this commuter car couldΒ helpΒ the Volkswagen group to reduce its fleet emissions. The brand would also improve its likability, especially in younger generations that haveΒ higher environmental consciousness.

Volkswagen what are you waiting for? To become obsolete?