Advertise on PushEVs

If you have a product or service that is appealing for the readers of this website, you’re welcome to advertise on PushEVs.


Why advertise here directly instead of using an ad network?

Direct advertising is basically a banner image with an URL served from the website we’re visiting, it doesn’t use an external ad network server like Google Ads, which makes it imune to ad blockers.

Nowadays, over 50 % of desktops use ad blockers and this percentage is even higher on tech websites, since their visitors are tech-savvy.

If you rely on ad networks to promote your brand, more than half of potential customers won’t ever see your ads.

Moreover, ad networks like Google Ads take away between 32 and 45 percent of the advertising earnings from authors… With direct advertising you provide more support to content creators.


Who is the audience?

People come here to read about electric vehicles and battery technology, there’s a lot of products and services that might interest them.


Examples of appealing products or services

  • Electric vehicles
  • EV accessories, such as EVSEs or charging cables
  • Batteries
  • Solar panels
  • Wind generators
  • High tech gadgets
  • New website, podcast or YouTube channel about EVs and battery technology
  • Events, such as conferences or auto shows


PushEVs has over 50.000 monthly visits from people all over the world. The table below shows you where most visitors come from.


PushEVs top 20 visitors’ countries


Win-win strategy!

I believe that content is king, therefore I don’t like to distract my readers by having ads inside the articles. Websites that mix content with ads look very unprofessional and I completely understand why ad blockers are so popular nowadays.

To me, it’s important to separate content from ads and if possible show them when the visitor finished reading the article and is ready to leave the website. Then, ads can provide something of value for everyone involved in this equation (visitor, advertiser and author).


New simplified advertising agreement

Now you won’t need to choose which ad slots to reserve, your banners will appear on all.

  • Every advertiser will have its banners displayed on 6 different high-visibility locations to boost the CTR (click-through rate).
  • To reduce ad fatigue/blindness, ad slots can be shared by multiple advertisers and banners are randomly rotated or inserted in a slider.


Ad slots


Format (width x height)

CTR (click-through rate)

Insertion method





Sticky inside sidebar




Sticky left outside sidebar (Full HD desktop only)




Sticky right outside sidebar (Full HD desktop only)




After post (before comments)




Footer (sticky on mobile)




Advertisers can also have their external posts linked on this website, check the Sponsored posts section for examples.


  • Short duration contract (1-4 months): 300 EUR per month
  • Medium duration contract (5-8 months): 250 EUR per month
  • Long duration contract (9-12 months): 200 EUR per month


If you want to start advertising contact me. Advertising agreements have a minimum duration of 1 month and a maximum of 12 months.