On this website I write mostly about electric vehicles and battery technology. I try my best to keep the reader informed about what is possible now, not in a distant future that might never happen.

The articles I write reflect my personal view. It’s a mistake to consider that a writer can be neutral, since he chooses what, when and how to write. I also tend to give a more European perspective since I’m Portuguese.


I don’t write about magical electric cars or batteries that are still years away and may never arrive. I don’t even comment the frequent automakers press releases that promise great electric cars for a distant future. Volkswagen is the world champion in those kind of press releases, which only undermine electric cars because they reinforce the myth that the current technology isn’t ready yet, this way automakers can keep selling polluting cars since there is no alternative…

I try my best to destroy some myths about electric cars. They can be fast, have long range and be affordable with the current technology if automakers get serious about them.


However, as much as I like electric cars, they are just a small part of my interests. This means I won’t write articles everyday, instead I’ll focus in quality, not quantity.

More than natural resources, are wasted human resources that bothers me the most. That’s why I’m a strong advocate of a society based on cooperation, not competition, that helps every individual to reach his full potential so that he can contribute back to society. “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”.

When every individual’s well being is assured, we should aim for higher goals like increasing collective knowledge.

Carl Sagan once said that “we are a way for the cosmos to know itself”, this influenced me to think that the meaning of life is to survive, replicate and evolve until the universe is fully understood.





Welcome aboard,

Pedro Lima