I started this website with the purpose of pushing electric vehicles forward, by trying my best to keep the reader informed about what is possible now and destroy some myths about electric cars. They can be affordable, fast and have long range with current technology if automakers get serious about them.

I like to focus on battery technologies and public policies. The articles I write reflect my personal views. It’s a mistake to consider that a someone writing news can be neutral, since he chooses what, when and how to write (social construction of news). I also tend to give a more European perspective to my articles since I’m Portuguese, but feel free to contradict me and share your perspective in the comment section, I welcome constructive discussion.


However, as much as I like electric cars, they are just a small part of my interests. This means I won’t write articles everyday, instead I’ll focus on quality, not quantity.

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Some North Americans might find strange, but I use the International System of Units and its general rules in my articles.


How to support this website?

This website has a recommended product section with links to products that I consider to have great value for the money and are interesting to visitors. I don’t recommend products that I myself would not buy or use.

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Welcome aboard,

Pedro Lima