BYD Seagull gets 5 seats

The small BYD Seagull, or as it’s known in South America, BYD Dolphin Mini, debuted with 4 seats, however in Colombia it now gets 5 seats instead.

BYD Colombia’s technical documents now show the BYD Dolphin Mini only available with 5 seats. However, we still don’t know if the 4 and 5 seat versions will be sold side-by-side in other markets.

Brazil will soon also get this 5 seat version - that has been long awaited by brazilian potential customers.

Having only 4 seats and the extremely soft rear suspension were the main complains in Brazil.

The introduction of the extra fifth seat only increased the weight by 6 kg, not affecting the performance of this great small electric car.

Now BYD just needs to give it a sodium-ion battery and make it a world wide best seller.

I’m very curious about the upcoming European version made in Hungary, what about you?

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