Gotion unveils its Astroinno L600 LMFP battery

The Chinese battery maker Gotion unveiled more details on its new LMFP battery cell and pack.

Let’s see the press release.

New product release:Astroinno L600 battery can achieve a range of 1000km without relying on NCM material

At the opening ceremony, Dr. Qian Cheng, the executive president of Gotion Global, announced the company’s latest product, Astroinno L600 battery. Qian Cheng introduced that in order to break through the bottleneck of energy density of LFP battery, manganese doped as called lithium iron manganese phosphate(LMFP) was developed. Gotion has focused on the research and development of LMFP materials for the past decade. By utilizing co-precipitation,doping encapsulation technology, new granulation technology and new electrolyte additives, it has solved the problems of Mn leaching at high temperature, low electrical conductivity and low press density of LMFP batteries.In addition, the Cleveland Institute in Ohio, USA, has developed a new electrolyte for LMFP, which greatly improves the high-temperature cycling and storage performance. Using in-house developed LMFP materials and electrolyte, Gotion has successfully developed Astroinno L600 battery cell.

“Astroinno L600 LMFP cell achieves 240 Wh/kg in gravimetric energy density and 525Wh/L for volumetric energy density. It can achieve more than 4,000 cycles at room temperature and 1800 cycles at high temperature, easily achieves 18 minutes of fast charging, and pass all safety tests. Because of the high energy density of Astroinno battery, we can also achieve a range of 1,000km without relying on NCM material” said Cheng Qian, Gotion L600 battery cell are expected to start mass production in 2024.

Astroinno battery pack adopts the sandwich-structure double-sided liquid cooling technology and a minimalist design approach, which reduces the number of structural parts of the battery pack by 45% and lowers the weight of structural parts by 32%. The minimalist electrical design enables the length of the battery pack wiring harness to drop from 303 meters to 80 meters, which is only 26% of that of previous battery packs, but the volumetric cell to pack ratio has reached 76% and the pack energy density has reached 190Wh/kg, outperforming the energy density of NCM batteries currently on the market. In other words, without adopting the NCM battery system, Gotion High-Tech’s Astroinno battery pack has achieved a range of 1000km for the first time in the industry, and achieves over 1800 cycles of 18-minute fast charging.

Gotion Astroinno battery pack

On paper the Astroinno battery is quite impressive, with good energy density, long cycle life and great fast charging, all this with a cobalt-free chemistry.

Gotion is the most advanced battery cell maker specialized on LFP and LMFP battery cells by far, but it’s CATL and BYD that mass produce most of them. Volkswagen has been Gotion’s largest shareholder since 2020, which is funny, because both companies love to publish press releases about their future products.

Anyway, it’s nice to know that when Volkswagen finally gets serious about electric cars, the German automaker will have a good cobalt-free battery tech to power them. Meanwhile, BYD and CATL are already powering the electric revolution.

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