GAC introduced its new-generation LFP battery

GAC Tech day was held at GAC R&D Center, where the company announced its new generation of LFP batteries.


GAC GROUP also launched its new-generation super iron lithium battery built on microcrystalline technology (SmLFP), which provides batteries with 13.5% higher cell quality energy density and 20% greater volume energy density than regular mass-produced iron phosphate lithium battery cells available on the market.



  • Battery chemistry: SmLFP
  • Volumetric energy density increase: 20 %
  • Gravimetric energy density increase: 13,5 %
  • Low temperature (-20º C) capacity increase: 10 %
  • Fast charging: above 2 C-rate
  • Life cycle: 1,5 million kilometers


Nonetheless, GAC isn’t the only company that expects to greatly improve the energy density of LFP batteries in 2023. Battery makers such as SVOLT and Guoxuan High-Tech expect to reach 230 Wh/kg with LFP battery cells, which translates to an energy density around 200 Wh/kg at the pack level - if the CTP (cell to pack) approach is used.


A 60 kWh EV battery that weighs around 300 kg and can be charged from 10 to 80 % in roughly 20 minutes seems a good fit for a mainstream electric car. What do you think?

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