CATL will launch a 10 C-rate EV battery

CATL basically announced the death of the ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) powertrains.

In its recent presentation of the Qilin battery CATL promised the ability to charge from 10 to 80 % in just 10 minutes, this represents a 4 C-rate charge. However, in its official website, CATL is now promising a much better charging rate.

What do you think about charging 80 % of an electric car’s battery in just 5 minutes? This is what CATL is now announcing.

With this battery technology who really needs or wants ICE, PHEV or FCEV?

This is roughly a 10 C-rate and definitely aimed for 800-volt systems. The best we have seen until now was the impressive 6 C-rate charging capability of the GAC Aion.

The main problem with CATL is that - unlike BYD -, it doesn’t produce its own electric cars. Therefore, it needs to wait for external automakers to analyse and then decide whether to adopt a new battery tech or not.

I really think that all big battery makers should have their own automakers to speed up the process of implementing new battery technologies.

For example, a revolutionary, yet simple battery tech such as CTP (cell to pack) is taking forever to be embraced by legacy automakers…

Anyway, I think that Huawei and Changan will be the first customers of this super-fast charging technology from CATL, with the introduction of the CHN platform.

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