BYD will supply batteries to Tesla

It’s no longer a rumor, BYD will supply batteries to Tesla.

Lian Yubo, BYD‘s executive vice president confirmed the deal in an interview to the Chinese TV channel CGTN.

Tesla is a very successful company no matter what, BYD respects Tesla and we admire Tesla.

We are good friends with Elon Musk, and we will soon supply him with batteries. We are friends.

It (Tesla) has a high starting point and adopts a high-profile strategy, including in the US capital market.

It first launched the Model S and Model X, shaping itself into a high-end brand, giving young people the feeling that it is the representative of fashion, innovation and technology.

Some of our domestic new car makers are actually also learning from it (Tesla), and it is an example for us to learn from.

Currently, Tesla Model 3/Y cars made in China have their cobalt-free battery cells supplied by the Chinese giant CATL, but the battery packs aren’t very energy dense at 125 Wh/kg. However, CATL says that by getting rid of modules, their LFP battery packs will be able to reach an energy density of 160 Wh/kg soon.

On the other hand, BYD is already producing 60 kWh module-less battery packs with 150 Wh/kg, that power the long-range version of the BYD Yuan Plus. Such battery pack would be perfect for a smaller and more affordable Tesla hatchback for the global market.

Anyway, the competition to supply the largest all-electric carmaker with cobalt-free battery cells will be fierce. SVOLT with its own short-blade version of energy dense cobalt-free battery cells is the underdog that might surprise many people.

Battery cell makers and carmakers that still don’t acknowledge the importance of module-less and cobalt-free battery packs to mass produce affordable electric cars have a tough road ahead…

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