Guoxuan semi-solid state batteries ready for mass production

The Chinese battery maker partly owned by Volkswagen, Guoxuan, also known as Gotion Hi-Tech will start mass producing its first generation of semi-solid state battery cells later this year.


Let’s see some details of Guoxuan’s first generation semi-solid state battery packs.


  • Gravimetric energy density at the cell level: 360 Wh/kg
  • Gravimetric energy density at the pack level: 260 Wh/kg
  • GCTP (gravimetric cell-to-pack) ratio: 72 %
  • Capacity: 160 kWh
  • Range: 1.000 km
  • Cathode chemistry: NCM


Considering that it still requires some cobalt, it doesn’t seem to be a cost-friendly battery technology for the masses. Moreover, the poor GCTP ratio of 72 % makes the battery pack less impressive, which suggests that this technology still requires a lot of passive material to work properly.

However, Guoxuan says that its second generation of semi-solid state battery cells will reach 400 Wh/kg and will be considerably safer, which means that less passive material will be required to protect the pack.


On the other hand, module-less battery packs made with super-safe LFP (LiFePO4) cells are already much simpler and can achieve a GCTP ratio of 90 %, requiring only 10 % of the weight in passive material to assemble and protect the pack.


Unfortunately, Guoxuan also announced its new roadmap for LFP battery cells and the goal of reaching 260 Wh/kg is now delayed until 2030…


Gotion LFP cell energy density roadmap


Anyway, the most energy dense LFP battery cell that Guoxuan can now mass produce produce is 47 Ah and weighs 710 grams (210 Wh/kg), which translates to 180 Wh/kg at the pack level. The official GCTP ratio of the JTM (jelly-roll to module) technology is now confirmed to be 86 %, not 90 % as previously announced…

I’m not a big fan of the JTM technology - that still uses pouch cells and modules -, but using long prismatic blade battery cells probably isn’t an option for Guoxuan yet, since they won’t be compatible with Volkswagen’s current MEB platform.

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