Elio Motors wants to produce an affordable three-wheeled electric car


After postponing multiple times its three-wheeled gas car, now Elio Motors wants to produce an electric version to become a more affordable alternative to Aptera.



Phoenix, AZ— September 9, 2021 — Elio Motors OTCMKTS: ELIO, (eliomotors.com) is announcing their intention to produce an electric version of their three-wheeled vehicle. The announcement is based on the change in consumer demand and finance markets’ new appetite for electric vehicles. The Elio-E model has a targeted base at $14,900 making it the most affordable entry level electric vehicle on the market.

Elio Motors was founded with a vision to create a high mileage, low-cost vehicle that everyone could afford. During the initial development phase Elio Motors believed that the best strategy was to first develop a gas-powered option, establish it in the marketplace, and then launch the electric version.  The entire automotive landscape has changed significantly, and Elio Motors now believes that it is better to first develop an electric powered Elio-E and get it into production. Elio Motors was able to garner over 65,000 reservations for the (Elio-G) gas-powered vehicle, proving the demand for it’s unique styling and design. Once the electric version is produced, Elio plans to potentially launch the Elio-G for consumers looking for a gas powered alternative.

Most of the engineering for proof of concept for the gas Elio-G can be utilized in the development of the electric Elio-E. Elio contacted its engineering partner Roush and their assessment was that the current design could be successfully electrified. Utilizing the work already completed will significantly shorten development time versus a clean sheet of paper approach.  Elio built a series of prototypes of the Elio G, some of which will be retrofitted into electric versions for testing. Elio Motors’ progress in many other areas should be valuable to the ultimate successful creation of the Elio-E.  For instance, Elio Motors went state by state and created the new category of vehicles eliminating the need to wear a helmet in your fully enclosed Elio.  The plant in Shreveport is still under lease, and all of the critical manufacturing equipment is still in place.

“We never quit working to make this dream happen,” said Paul Elio, CEO of Elio Motors, “The market has changed, and investors and consumers are looking for innovative, environmentally conscious, low cost electric vehicles, and we have a great option that will appeal to a very large under-served market”.

Elio plans to offer its base three-wheeled Elio-E at a targeted price of under $15,000, giving consumers an economical and safe entry level option into the electric market that is thousands below other competitors’ offerings.



  • 150 mile (241 km) range
  • Top speed over 100 mph (161 km/h)
  • Front Engine / Front-Wheel Drive
  • Two tandem seats
  • Cruise control
  • Elio Safety Management System that includes three airbags, unibody frame, Anti-Lock Braking System, and Electronic Stability Control
  • Tire Sizes: Front: 135/80 R15 / Rear: 175/65 R15 with Tire Deflation Detection System
  • Starting price of 14.900 USD (12.870 euros)


Years ago, when Elio Motors announced its plans to produce a fuel-efficient and affordable three-wheeled gas car, many people thought that the startup company shouldn’t waste resources on gas and should go all electric instead.

Now with its new plan, maybe there’s hope for Elio Motors…


What do you think? Will Elio Motors ever produce a car that people can buy?



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Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. I’m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

8 Responses

  1. Ricardo says:

    Investor beware

  2. Gary Anderson says:

    Sounds like Elio Motors is gearing up to steal more money from consumers. All the money they took from 65,000 people as a NON REFUNDABLE down payment the first time around. This company has never produced the first car. I have relatives that lost money to them the first time. Consumers, BEWARE!

  3. Stinger says:

    Hi Pedro,
    I’am actually very surprised you took the time to write an article about this Elio apprarently vaporware stuff, and yet nothing about the launch event of the GAC Aion V plus, with its graphene battery breakthrough. Wasn’t that supposed to take place on the 29th of september, a few days ago?
    Do you have any info on that? That would be way more interesting as far as I’m concerned.

    • Pedro Lima says:

      Hi Stinger.

      I plan to write an article about that model and others that charge really fast.

      The link below gives you some info. Unfortunately, the fast charging version with NCM battery costs 57.000 yuan (7.625 euros) more than the LFP version with the same range (500 km).


      • stinger says:

        Hi, thanks for the link!
        Ouch, a very pricey option then…
        Also, seems to be quite an inefficient car.
        Zoe achieves the same range with 28% less battery capacity.
        More comparable maybe: model Y achieves an extra 100km from the same battery size.

        So maybe their graphene battery is a very impressive technical achievment with this charging rate breakthrough, but probably not something we’ll see repacing LFP anytime soon…

  4. Richard Summers says:

    No way company is millions of dollars in debit and no money for development.

  5. Joe says:

    The Elio scam continues from gas to electric now. What happened to the gas powered one that dragged on for over 10 years with empty promises of production dates that were like a revolving door? The ALL-IN folks that lost 1000.00 dollars for taking the bait on that mirage. Now with electric where would Elio’s place in line be when the largest and profitable car companies in the world can’t get critical parts such as semiconductors and special materials for EV batteries? Dead last if at all. I am very disappointed I took the gas powered scam bait, but wont be fooled again with the hypothetical electric. Remember the quote ” Fool me once, same on you, Fool me twice same on me.

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