New energy density record for a LFP battery

XCMG Group
XCMG Group

According to the some recent MIIT (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology) documents, a pure electric dump truck from the XCMG Group now holds the record for having the most energy dense LFP (LiFePO4) battery.


The XCMG Group is the leading Chinese construction machinery manufacturer and one of the world’s largest.


Let’s see more details of this electric truck.


  • Length: 10.900 mm
  • Width: 2.550 mm
  • Height: 3.500 mm
  • Gross weight: 31.000 kg
  • Curb weight: 23.000/23.600 kg (empty vehicle)
  • Maximum speed: 80 km/h
  • Range: 420 km
  • Battery capacity: 422,87 kWh
  • Battery energy density: 176,1 Wh/kg
  • Battery chemistry: LFP (LiFePO4)
  • Motor: 450 kW and 2.800 N.m of torque


Unfortunately I couldn’t find a picture of this electric truck.


Anyway, an energy density of 176,1 Wh/kg is impressive for a LFP battery pack. In the coming months we might see this kind of energy density also in LFP batteries for electric passenger cars.




More info:

Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. Iโ€™m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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  1. Frederico Matias says:

    Due to its higher size and capacity, the CTP probably used brings even higher gains, as % wise, the exterior protection of the cells should be less…

  2. Rodri says:

    This is the website of the truck distributor in New Zeland, with photos and more electric trucks for different applications. All are LFP. Apart from the savings on diesel, you usually have to clean the air filters daily in these dusty environments, constantly monitor engine temperature and oil levels in older equipment and put up with the noise, so I bet the drivers are happy.

  3. Pajda says:

    Hi Pedro, sorry for this offtopic, but finally at least for me a first look inside the Tesla LFP pack!

    There are also 4 long modules similar to the 21700 packs. Two shorter side module have 24s1p connection and two longer central modules 28s1p. So 104s1p in total. My guess is that cells have 180 Ah nominal capacity so about 60 kWh total capacity.

    • Pedro Lima says:

      Thanks Pajda, interesting video.

      The GCTP (gravimetric cell to pack) ratio is really bad compared to BYD Blade battery.

      Those CATL cells are more energy dense than BYD’s blade cells, but at the pack level BYD is much better (126 vs. 150 Wh/kg).

      • Pajda says:

        Indeed, I really appreciate the technological simplicity of this Tesla LFP pack design. I think that in addition to the cheaper LFP cells themselves, they will also save considerable costs in the production of modules.

        Interesting is the contrast to the new VW PPE platform. I still don’t understand where is the advantage of having 12 smaller Longitudinally mounted modules versus 4 long ones? Longitudinally mounted smaller modules from VW will not allow capacity scaling anyway.

  4. Rodri says:

    Sorry for the off-topic but in case you didnยดt heard looks like Great Wall is planning to make EVs (and batteries?) in European soil:

    It happens that close by VW will make their MEB Entry LFP cars for Europe.

  5. Famlin says:

    @Pedro: At average cost of $137/ kWh, the 423 kWh battery comes to $58.000 approx.
    I am sure the motor and components should be at least $8.000 cheaper than engine and components. So extra cost for this EV is just $50.000

    The person in video says that this vehicle saves 100 liters of diesel / day. With 250 operating days / year, thats 100 liters * 250 days = 25.000 liters.
    At $1 / liter, thats $25.000 saving / year. 

    In just 2 years ROI can be obtained.
    Note: I used average battery cost at the end of 2020, I am sure this LFP battery as of today should be even cheaper. Time for every heavy vehicle to go electric.

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