Introducing the latest BYD e-platform 3.0 (update)

New BYD e-Platform 3.0
New BYD e-Platform 3.0

Nothing much to say here, this is currently the best EV platform.


Wang Chuanfu, the Chairman and President of BYD, said that the e-platform 3.0 is the vital factor for its transition toward intelligence from electrification in the change of NEVs and also the cradle for the next generation of EVs. BYD’s integrated new energy solutions encompass energy acquisition, storage, and application. With the help of this comprehensive solution, BYD aims to build a zero-emission ecosystem within a closed-loop to address global warming through practical action.

Regarding safety, equipped with ultra-safe blade batteries while integrating the pack into the car body, the e-platform 3.0 builds up a special pure electric vehicle frame structure to increase the rigidity of the vehicle.

Concerning high efficiency, the new platform enables ranges exceeding 1,000 km through the world’s first 8-in-1 electric powertrain. In addition, the world’s first fast charging technology enables a range up to 150 km after a 5-minute charging.

The original designed direct cooling and heating system for batteries increases the thermal efficiency by up to 20% while reducing energy loss. Additionally, the heat pump system which can work at temperatures from -30℃ to 60℃, has increased the range by up to 20% in winter, since the system leverages the residual heat from surroundings, the powertrain, passenger compartment and even the batteries.

Finally, the brand-new electric AWD system features 0-100 km/h acceleration improved to 2.9 s, resulting in energy consumption comparable to that of 2WD vehicles, while letting users enjoy the high performance of AWD EVs.


BYD Blade battery with thermal management

BYD Blade battery with thermal management


The strongest part of this platform is the super-safe and cheap battery made with long prismatic LFP (LiFePO4) cells – that are cobalt-free. The BYD Blade battery is already at 55 euros per kWh and with its TMS (Thermal Management System) works great even at low temperatures – as you can see in the chart above.





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Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. I’m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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  1. yoyo says:

    Something to Say!!
    Legacy auto should be scared as BYD among others are beginning their plans for global expansion while US automakers are retreating from every market outside of North America where they can sell their Sherman Tank sized trucks and SUVs…
    This in large part goes back to Obamas farce for fuel economy standards that have taken the 35 MPG cars off the roads and replaced them with 25 MPG SUVs due to them having totally separate safety and fuel economy standards (classified as trucks) that are based off of the vehicles square footage that it occupies on the ground…
    Also funny that anonymous posters on the internet said this was going to happen 10 years or so ago when those rules were passed….

    Would be nice if the US had real fuel economy standard rules more like the EU or China…

    • FreakOnALeash says:

      Why should Legacy auto be scared? In the EU the Ora Good Cat will be priced starting at 30k€ and Wuling HongGuang is over 15k. I came to the idea from reading you guys that the chinese cheap EV would revolutionize the market…where is that cheap EV. Better save money, for those who can, to buy an electric Mégane…at least these will have official service shops somewhere close to you.
      Not criticizing the blog, I really enjoy reading it!

      • Pedro Lima says:

        Unfortunately, right now Chinese automakers aren’t even producing enough EVs to supply their huge domestic market. Currently, they only send a few units to Europe to test the waters, not to be competitive.

        Remember that cobalt-free batteries have only become energy dense enough for modern EVs very recently, thanks to CTP (cell-to-pack) technology.

        We need more production of LFP, NMx and sodium-ion batteries. Fortunately, LG Energy Solution – which has battery plants all over the world – is now developing LFP batteries.

        Let’s hope that other important players, such as SK Innovation, Samsung SDI and Panasonic will also embrace cobalt-free batteries soon.

        Starting next year, LFP batteries will be produced or exported outside China without paying royalties. Then, maybe it’s a good idea to replace the NCM battery of the Dacia Spring with LFP for example.

        • FreakOnALeash says:

          I’ve been looking at the Dacia Spring with some disgust because of chinese EV specs and price (in China), but i’ve also been thinking that eventually a better version will come out with more hp and better battery. I just can’t get around the fact that the driver’s seat can’t be height regulated…what were they thinking!?

          • Frederico Matias says:

            What were they thinking? humm…really only one thing: Make a SUV HEAVILY cost driven….all confort ammenities were left behind if there was a good cost reduction..

          • FreakOnALeash says:

            I drive a 2013 sandero…the driver seat has height regulation. I still think it’s just BS from Dacia.

          • Frederico Matias says:

            It is, but the spring is smaller than the Sandero..

            This is one of the little stupid things to shave couple of Euros… like the Nissan Leaf that until 2020 did not have height adjustment steering wheel…or initial citroen DS4 which was supposed to be a premium car but that the rear window wouldn’t go up and down, but just tilt. Cost driven solutions are almost never the best for clients.

      • Ricardo says:

        Been saying that for a while. Forget Chinese Golfs for 10000 EUR. First, if you are looking for good service and you should, I mean, it’s a car, not a toy, you will be paying the mechanic/salesperson/dealership owner/receptionist in Euros, not Yuan. Second, if China is growing, their wages are growing. No magic here. Unless you want to buy cars made by death row convicts…

    • Pepe says:

      Hoy Lucid Motors compañia americana tiene el mejor VE que hay. El Lucid Air se mide ya no con el Model S , que lo supera en todo sino con Mercedes EQS . En eficiencia y autonomía arrasa con el.. El Lucid Air esta cargado de innovaciones que ningun otro tiene.

  2. Famlin says:

    BYD Dolphin sold a decent 1.755 units in its 1st month (Partial month). Let see how it turns out in September (Full month).

  3. Maximilian Holland says:

    BYD is quietly innovating, whilst others are just making lots of noise.

    • yoyo says:

      Yes BYD doesn’t shout look at me like another larger EV company…
      BYD will also be smashing the price of BEVs in Australia far undercutting even the Chinese MGs…
      Will be interesting to see how their sales go…

  4. James says:

    This is impressive engineering
    But I don’t agree the blade battery creates a honeycomb structure (they’ve also oriented the honeycomb in the wrong dimension to be useful to body structural rigidity)

  5. Famlin says:

    Hybrid LFP / NCM battery from NIO. Its 75 kWh costs the same as outgoing 70 kWh (NCM). But ratio and cost are not known.
    Another way, LFP is gaining.

  6. Europe says:

    Pedro, Audi released a lot of info about the PPE platform:

    I have tried to estimate the cell size but I can’t. It’s definitely not MEB cell dimensions. The batteries will be made by Northvolt.

    • Famlin says:

      Thanks Europe: Great presentation.
      Looking at page:18, it shows that they are moving from Pouch (J1), Prismatic & Pouch (MEB) to just Prismatic (PPE) which is what VAG chief mentioned 1 form factor.

      Has a stack of 12 modules (3 x 4), a very common format or they can make 2 x 6, a better factor than 10 (2 x 5).

      With 800 V, its much better than MEB with 400 V.
      Go for it.

    • Pedro Lima says:

      Thanks for sharing.

  7. Famlin says:

    seems china has capacity to make 27 million bev / year.
    their miit approved 200 new models for sale.
    when these vehicles hit the market, it will be like an avalanche.

  8. Rok says:

    How much range do LFP batteries lose in the winter? I am trying to get my head around this figure “20% range gain in winter due to the heat pump”.

  9. Famlin says:

    286.514 plugins were sold in china in 2021-08 of which 226.195 are BEVs. this is a big jump over the previous record of 235.000+ in 2021-06.

    wuling miniev sold 41.118 units. many vehicles hit their record sales.
    according to a source china plugin manufacturing capacity is 27 million units. soon we will see an avalanche.

  10. Your article helped me a lot, is there any more related content? Thanks!

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