Look out for the NETA V

Last month the new NETA (Nezha) V jumped to the top 10 of best-selling electric cars in China. This isn’t exactly a surprise, since this electric car offers great value for money as we’ll see ahead.

The NETA V is just a bit smaller than the popular Renault ZOE we all know in Europe, but its price is truly remarkable. As for the design, it reminds me a bit the facelifted Hyundai Kona Electric.

This electric car is available in many trim levels, some with 4 seats, others with 5 seats, some with 301 km of NEDC range and a 40 kW motor, others with a NEDC range of 401 km and a 55 kW motor.

I think that the versions with 5 seats, a NEDC range of 401 km and a 55 kW motor offer the best value for money, so let’s focus on those.

Long range entertainment version (best value for money version)

  • Length: 4.070 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2.420 mm
  • Width: 1.690 mm
  • Height: 1.540 mm
  • Tire specifications: 185/65 R15
  • Wheels: aluminium
  • Number of seats: 5
  • Motor: 55 kW and 175 N.m of torque
  • Maximum speed: 100 km/h (firmware limited)
  • DC fast charging: 30 minutes (30-80 %)
  • On-board charging: 6-8 h (6,6 kW)
  • Range: 401 km (NEDC) and around 300 km in WLTP
  • Battery capacity: 38,54 kWh (LFP battery cells by CATL)
  • Starting price (before subsidies): 80.900 yuan (10.426 euros)
  • Starting price (after subsidies): 70.900 yuan (9.137 euros)

NETA V interior

This extremely efficient electric car is eligible for a government subsidy of 10.000 yuan (1.289 euros). Therefore, even buyers that choose the top-spec version full with modern safety features only pay 76.900 yuan (9.910 euros) after subsidies applied.

At least on paper, this Chinese electric car seems to offer the best value for money right now. On the official website, the carmaker brags about how efficient it is and I can understand why.

It’s a proper efficient electric hatchback that looks nice and has decent range. Nonetheless, a global version to sell worldwide, would benefit from a more powerful motor and more range. Even if it arrived in Europe for 18.000 euros it would still make the Dacia Spring - also made in China - look extremely overpriced…

Anyway, I think that the NETA V has the potential required to reach the top 5 of best-selling electric in China very soon.

What do you think? How does it compare to the Dacia Spring?

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