New generation of MG electric cars are coming to Europe

MG has been selling the ZS EV in Europe for a while now. The ZS EV belongs to the first generation of MG electric cars and honestly I never payed much attention to it.

As most first generation electric cars, the MG ZS EV isn’t very efficient and only gets a WLTP range of 263 km from a 44,5 kWh battery pack made with CATL cells. Its front grill makes it look like a gas car and suggests that GM didn’t care much about aerodynamics when designed it.

However, MG is about to bring its second generation of all-electric cars to Europe. They will be better looking, more efficient, charge faster and have longer range. Two models are already confirmed.

MG5 Electric

MG5 Electric

  • Body design: Station Wagon
  • Trunk Volume: > 1.400 liters
  • WLTP range: >400 km
  • Performance: 135 kW / 280 Nm
  • Acceleration: 3,4 s - 0-50 km/h
  • AC Fast Charging: 3-Phase 11 kW
  • DC Rapid Charging: 30 min to 80 %
  • Vehicle to Load: 2.500 W External Power Supply
  • Towing weight: 500 kg
  • Roof Load: 75 kg
  • MG Pilot: Driver Assistance

MG MARVEL R Electric

MG MARVEL R Electric

  • Performance: 212 kW / 665 Nm
  • Acceleration: 1,8 s / 0-50 km/h
  • Acceleration: 4,9 s / 0-100 km/h
  • Drive: Tri-Motor - All-wheel drive
  • WLTP range: >400 km
  • Top speed: 200 km/h
  • AC Fast Charging: 3-Phase 11 kW
  • DC Rapid Charging: 30 min to 80 %
  • External power supply: V2L-System
  • Towing weight: 750 kg
  • Display: 19,4" Floating Touchscreen
  • MG Pilot: Driver Assistance
  • Climate Control: SlimAir & Heat Pump

The two electric cars above look great, but there is another one that’ll be way more important in Europe, an electric supermini expected later this year to compete with the Renault ZOE. The new electric supermini could be named MG3 Electric.

It’s a well known fact that Europeans prefer compact hatchbacks. This is the type of car that leads the sales in Europe.

MG’s new electric supermini sketch by Autocar

If the new MG electric supermini looks like the sketch above I’m sure that most people in Europe will like it. What do you think?

Anyway, some of us are still waiting for BYD to arrive in full force to Europe with its electric cars and sometimes we forget that MG and Aiways are already here with big plans for the future.

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