Aiways U6 electric SUV gets closer to mass production

Aiways U6
Aiways U6

Later this year, the Aiways U6 will join the U5 that is already selling in Europe.


  • The first batch of pre-production Aiways U6 vehicles have rolled off the production line; start of production imminent
  • Aiways U6 offers zero-emissions mobility, outstanding performance and next-generation driving technologies in a practical yet stylish package
  • Winning design from the ‘Graphic Design Contest’ emblazoned on a one-off display vehicle to visualize U6’s youthful appeal
  • On sale in China by the end of the year; European markets to follow


Shanghai, 28 May 2021 – Aiways ‘Smart Factory’ in Shangrao, China has completed the first batch of pre-production vehicles for its second model, the all-electric U6 intelligent SUV coupé. The Aiways U6 will sit alongside the popular U5 electric SUV in an expanding line-up of zero-emissions Aiways models.

The pre-production phase is an important milestone in batch verification before mass production commences. These vehicles will be used in an essential part of the manufacturing process – to optimize and debug production equipment, and continuously improve the quality of parts and manufacturing processes to ensure excellent product quality. Pre-production cars will be used for a series of tests on the Aiways U6 to hone sub-system functions, verify performance and optimize calibrations.

One vehicle has been adorned with the winning entry of the ‘Graphic Design Contest’ which invited creative painters to design a unique piece inspired by the phrase “U6 in Your Mind”. “Aiways Man” stood out from the other entries and won the “Best Design Award” by creating a vibrant and youthful idol who conveys the Aiways U6 owners’ positive and optimistic attitude towards life.

The Aiways U6 is a compelling offering in its segment, providing an ultramodern intelligent SUV coupe designed for those seeking zero-emissions mobility, outstanding performance and next generation technologies in a practical yet stylish package.

The Aiways U6 will become the second vehicle to be mass-produced on the company’s exclusive More Adaptable Structure (MAS) platform, with both models supporting a strategy to make zero-emission driving more attractive and accessible to younger, tech-focused car buyers.

First unveiled as the U6ion concept in 2020, the Aiways U6 production model will retain many of the show-car’s features, including the panoramic dome roof and distinctive rear light matrix.

The Aiways U6 is already available for pre-sale in China for a small deposit, with the European pre-sale set to start later this year.


Considering that Aiways is partially owned by the giant Chinese battery cell maker CATL, battery supply won’t be a problem.

Unofficial reports have claimed that the U6 will get the same 63 kWh battery pack and 140 kW electric motor as in the U5. Nonetheless, being more aerodynamic the U6 should get more range than the U5 (400 km in WLTP).



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7 months ago
Frederico Matias
7 months ago

How much do the U5 costs in Europe (pre-subsidies I mean)?

I think I saw some youtubes of it charging in Netherlands….if i’m not mistaken the charging curve wasn´t amazing….