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If you’re looking to buy LFP (LiFePO4) prismatic battery cells to assemble your own ESS (Energy Storage System), or just want to replace the 12 V lead acid battery in your car with robust LFP chemistry, BLS is probably your best choice.


BLS is a popular battery store with warehouses in multiple countries, which helps the customer save time and money.


However, the good news here is that now you can save 5 % in each order made at the official store with the coupon: PUSHEVS


Imagine that you want to create your own ESS. A 48 V system made with 16 LFP battery cells has low enough voltage to be safe to touch – under normal circumstances – and high enough voltage to be efficient.


Hypothetical 48 V ESS made with 280 Ah BLS battery cells

  • Configuration: 16s1p (all cells connected in series, none in parallel)
  • Capacity: 16 x 3,2 V x 280 Ah = 14,336 kWh
  • Max recommended charge rate: 7 kW (0,5 C)
  • Max recommended discharge rate: 14 kW (1 C)
  • Gravimetric energy density: 172 Wh/kg
  • Volumetric energy density: 349 Wh/L
  • Cycle life: 4.000 cycles at 80 % DOD (Depth of Discharge)
  • Cost (China warehouse): 3.037 USD (2.490 euros)
  • Cost (US and Germany warehouse): 3.265 USD (2.677 euros)
  • Cost per kWh (China warehouse): 212 USD (174 euros) per kWh
  • Cost per kWh (US and Germany warehouse): 228 USD (186 euros) per kWh

The beauty of prismatic battery cells with screw terminals is that they are extremely easy to assemble or replace.


You can also assemble a cheaper 24 V system with half the cells and for half the price if 7 kWh is enough for your daily needs.


Then you need a good BMS and a hybrid inverter with charging capability. Hybrid means that the inverter can not only use solar panels, but also the electrical grid or a generator to charge the battery.



Anyway, while specialized in LFP, BLS also sells NCM and LTO battery cells.





Coupon (5 % discount): PUSHEVS

Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. I’m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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7 months ago

This is very interesting. I do believe home storage prices must still fall by cca. 50% to make it viable for anyone. But this offer is already very tempting. Together with good BMS, hybrid inverter and solar panels, you can be off grid for the whole summer, which is awesome for countries without net-metering system. Even if your country have it, battery is good for areas with poor electric infrastructure. For example, in my country we have very favourable net-metering system (for now at least) but infrastructure is already in limit and DSOs are starting to halt new installations or are downsizing small solar power plants. With the battery, you can extend the time when your plant is “putting” energy into the grid. Needless to say, you have lower fixed costs of grid utilisation.