NIO will adopt LFP batteries to cut costs

NIO et7
NIO et7
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Maximilian Holland
16 days ago

Great! Thanks Pedro.

15 days ago

I have trouble believing the energy density of 200 Wh/kg on the pack level for LFP any time soon. (at least with comparable longevity, cycle life, cost and power density as current LFP)

Teslas current high-energy packs are at 150 Wh/kg at the moment.

A 200 Wh/kg LFP packs would make a large portion of Tesla’s Battery Day development announcements irrelevant. Somehow, I doubt that they are so out-of-touch with reality.

15 days ago

Pedro I am wondering how battery pack energy density will be calculated on the new Williams & Italdesign EV platform. From what I have seen it doesn’t have a traditional battery pack housing. Instead it has a plate with modules on top of it that bolts to the car (essentially the sides of the battery pack and the top cover are integrated into the vehicle structure).