BYD Yuan Pro arrives with a cobalt-free LFP battery

Recently, BYD renamed the Yuan EV to Yuan Pro and gave it a new more modern front, similar to the BYD Han EV.

This electric car is now available to order in China and comes with a 50,1 kWh BYD Blade Battery for a NEDC range of 401 km.

Let’s see some specs.

  • Length: 4.375 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2.535 mm
  • Width: 1.785 mm
  • Height: 1.680 mm
  • Motor: 100 kW and 210 Nm in peak torque
  • Range: 401 km under the NEDC test cycle
  • Battery capacity: 50,1 kWh
  • Battery type: BYD Blade Battery (cobalt-free LFP in CTP format)
  • Starting price (after subsidies): 121.300 yuan (15.607 euros)

The BYD Yuan Pro looks nice, however, the Han EV and D1 will probably be the most popular models for a while.

BYD D1 made in cooperation with DiDi

The BYD D1 - that resembles a VW ID.3 - was initially aimed for car sharing services, but is now also available for private buyers with a starting price of 151.800 yuan (19.532 euros).

Anyway, now BYD has a vast electric car offer in China that will eventually arrive to other important markets (Europe, North America and Australia). Production capacity is growing extremely fast and currently only the smallest electric car model BYD e1 still has a NCM battery, all other models already got upgraded to LFP (LiFePO4) battery cells with CTP (cell-to-pack) batteries.

Electric cars with BYD Blade Battery (ordered from lowest to highest price)

  • BYD e2: starting price of 89.800 yuan (11.554 euros)
  • BYD e3: starting price of 113.800 yuan (14.642 euros)
  • BYD e5: starting price not listed on main website
  • BYD e6: starting price not listed on main website
  • BYD Yuan Pro: starting price of 121.300 yuan (15.607 euros)
  • BYD Qin EV: starting price of 129.900 yuan (16.714 euros)
  • BYD D1: starting price of 151.800 yuan (19.532 euros)
  • BYD Tang EV: starting price of 179.800 yuan (23.134 euros)
  • BYD Han EV: starting price of 229.800 yuan (29.568 euros)
  • BYD Song Pro EV: starting price of 279.500 yuan (35.963 euros)

The BYD Blade Battery, that combines cobalt-free LFP cells with CTP battery packs, is key to allow electric cars from BYD to compete with ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars in price and availability.

While other Chinese automakers, such as NIO or Xpeng get most of the media attention, I think that BYD is the Chinese automaker better prepared for the end of the ICE age, by far. Mostly because it already has a vast offer of great electric cars, but also because it builds its own extremely affordable cobalt-free batteries.

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