Xpeng ships second batch of G3 to customers in Norway

Xpeng ships second batch of G3 to customers in Norway
Xpeng ships second batch of G3 to customers in Norway

After sending the first batch of the G3 to Norway in last December, Xpeng is now sending the second batch of over 200 units.


The Xpeng G3 is currently on sale in Norway with a 66 kWh NCM 811 battery from CATL, a WLTP range of 451 km and a starting price of 358.000 NOK (34.649 euros).


Smart Premium
358.000 NOK 379.000 NOK
Length x Width x Height (mm)
4450 mm * 1820 mm * 1600 mm 4450 mm * 1820 mm * 1678 mm
Wheelbase (mm)
2625 mm
Track width Front / Rear (mm)
1546 mm/1551 mm
Number of seats
Net weight (kg)
1637 kg
Load capacity (5 seats / Rear seats folded down)
380 L/760 L
Minimum turning radius diameter (m)
10.7 mm
Minimum ground clearance (mm)
130 mm
FF Layout
Second generation permanent magnet synchronous motor
Maximum power (kW) / Maximum torque (nm)
145 kW / 300 Nm
Acceleration (0-100 km/h)
≤8.6 s
Top speed
170 km/h
Battery type
Lithium-ion Battery Pack (CATL)
Heating unit for extremely low temperature
Battery capacity (kWh)
> 66 kW h
Range WLTP (km)
451 km
DC charging time (30% to 80%)
≥43 min
DC charging time (20% to 80%)
≥51 min
AC charging time (30% to 80%)
≥5.5 h
Suspension system
Front MacPherson suspension / rear torsion bar Shaft Semi-independent suspension
Braking system
Ventilated front brake discs / rear brake discs
Brake energy recovery mode
Low / Medium / High
Air resistance coefficient


Anyway, right now compared to Tesla, the batches of electric cars made in China and sent to Europe by Xpeng are still minuscule. To reach higher production levels Xpeng needs to bet heavily on cobalt-free batteries.

Fortunately in China, the Xpeng G3 and P7 already have homologated versions with cobalt-free LFP batteries made by CATL. Hopefully, sometime soon, electric cars made by Xpeng will reach Europe in much higher numbers and be completely cobalt-free.

Starting this year Xpeng and BYD will try hard to establish themselves as strong suppliers of electric cars in Europe, first in Norway, then in bigger markets like Germany and France. However, it’s not Tesla that needs to worry with the success of Xpeng or BYD, it’s the European legacy automakers that are still investing in obsolete technologies…



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Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. I’m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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8 months ago

I likeboth the Xpeng P7 and BYD Han…

But here in Portugal, it will take long time to reach us….(i can start saving money:))

Even MG which is already selling its EV for long time in UK and Norway, stilll has no representation here…

I won’t buy a car from a company which does not hav representation here (although I might buy a used imported vehicle once there is representation here and EU warranty)

8 months ago
Reply to  Freddy

Sensible. I see people buying cars from Alibaba or whatever it is and think, wow, I must be a very conservative and old fashioned guy.

8 months ago
Reply to  Ricardo

in USA, in certain states you can do almost anything….in Europe, to custom clear one of these vehicles (even if to be run in private farms for instance), can be a real pain… I would never buy something like that…. in fact I only buy things in aliexpress/alibaba up-to 10 eur per principle… if they suck, is just 10 euros thrown away…