BYD gets another order for 406 eBuses in Colombia

BYD eBus model chosen to operate in Bogotá
BYD eBus model chosen to operate in Bogotá

Along with the previously-announced order of 470 electric buses by BYD, the new batch includes 406 buses with different lengths (9 and 12 meters). Bogotá will have 889 pure electric buses, of which 876 will be from BYD.

These electric buses made by BYD have cobalt-free LFP (LiFePO4) batteries and offer an extremely high ROI (Return of Investment).


Bogota, Colombia―BYD has won a large order to deliver another 406 pure electric buses to the Colombian capital of Bogota, coming shortly after a previous announcement on December 17 of the delivery of the 470 pure electric buses to the city. BYD will co-work with Superpolo, a Colombian bus manufacturer, on the body part of the buses for such order.

The buses were tendered by the Bogota City Public Transport Authority (TRANSMILENIO S.A.). A joint venture between Colombian business group Fanalca and international public transport operator Transdev used BYD’s integrated E-bus solutions to bid and successfully won the tender. The buses are expected to be deployed along 15 routes in Bogota’s Fontibon district in 2021 and thereafter 150,000 residents along the routes will be able to enjoy pure electric and zero-emission transportation services.

“BYD is honored to receive another large order. There are currently 483 electric buses in TRANSMILENIO S.A, and when all 406 buses are in operation next year, Bogota will have 889 pure electric buses, of which 876 will be from BYD – accounting for more than 98.5%,” said Lara Zhang, Regional Director of BYD Latin America.

BYD entered the Colombian market in 2012 and made several milestone achievements: building the first pure electric taxi fleet in South America in 2013, entering the Bogota BRT system in 2017. It has also delivered 64 electric buses to Medellin in 2018, and delivered 470 units for the largest pure electric bus fleet in Colombia in 2020, and won another order for 406 electric buses in Bogota recently.


Fleet of electric buses in Bogotá

Fleet of electric buses in Bogotá


Claudia Nayibe López Hernández was elected mayor of Bogotá in October 2019 and is focused on improving the travel experience for the users of the public transportation system.


“Today we advance in two important Development Plan purposes and we want to say with great pride that we ended the year with good news: the new update of TransMiApp, which will tell the user where the bus is and how soon it will arrive at the location where they are expected.

In addition, we added 406 electric buses, which are added to the 483 that will come into operation between now and the first half of 2021, ”said Mayor Claudia López, adding that the main objective is to improve the travel experience of users.


Bogotá has a long history of electing progressive mayors that wanted to modernize and improve public transportation, but whose efforts were blocked at the federal level multiple times.

Elected Mayor of Bogotá on October 30, 2011, Gustavo Petro became famous by a quote that illustrates this progressive goal.


“A developed country is not a place where the poor have cars. It’s where the rich use public transportation” – Gustavo Petro, Mayor of Bogotá


Petro’s goal might be an utopia, but utopias are essential for the development of societies, people often forget that utopias are directions, not destinations. Now, in late 2020, it seems that Petro’s goal of achieving high-quality public transportation for all is closer to become a reality.



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My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. I’m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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1 year ago

that’s good! incredible. I think colombia will have more electric busses that spain..

1 year ago

Lima: Wish you and your family a Very Happy New Year 2021. Thanks again for your wonderful service to the world of BEVs.

414.368 plugin vehicles were sold in 2020-11 which is a new global record. Share of plugins stands at 5,9% with BEVs alone taking 4,1%. This # is only for the 4-wheeled vehicles and excludes 6-wheeled vehicles and above.


1 year ago

THis is awesome, thanks for posting this kind of news Pedro.