Renault Twingo ZE prices in Italy

Renault Twingo ZE prices in Italy

Now that the VW triplets are out of the way, the Renault Twingo ZE has no competition in its segment, at least not until the Dacia Spring arrives a few months later.


Currently in Italy all new cars are eligible for a 4.000 euros subsidy from the government when scrapping a petrol or diesel car that’s at least 10 years old. Electric cars get an extra 6.000 euros subsidy, making a total of 10.000 euros.


Renault Twingo ZE (prices before government subsidies)

  • Zen: 22.450 euros
  • Intens: 23.650 euros
  • Vibes: 24.350 euros


Renault Twingo ZE (prices after government subsidies)

  • Zen: 12.450 euros
  • Intens: 13.650 euros
  • Vibes: 14.350 euros


Now let’s see how the Renault Twingo ZE compares with its ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) counterpart that is eligible for a 4.000 euros subsidy from the government when scrapping a petrol or diesel car that’s at least 10 years old.


​Renault Twingo (prices before government subsidies)

  • Duel: 11.550 euros
  • Duel2: 13.050 euros
  • Intens: 14.300 euros
  • Signature: 14.900 euros


Renault Twingo (prices after government subsidies)

  • Duel: 7.550 euros
  • Duel2: 9.050 euros
  • Intens: 10.300 euros
  • Signature: 10.900 euros


Even after government subsidies the electric version of the Intens trim level is still 3.350 euros more expensive than its gas counterpart.

Anyway, I’m curious to see if this electric car will sell better than the FIAT 500e, since they look very similar and both have the cute factor.


Renault Twingo ZE and FIAT 500e


The FIAT 500e has better range and allows DC fast charging, but the Renault Twingo ZE is considerably cheaper and is more practical with two extra doors…



More info:

Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. I’m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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Carlo Marzetti
1 year ago

Just a quick note Pedro, to underscore that Italian customers can actually access govt. 10K incentives only if they scrap a 10-old car or older, while others can count on 6 000EUR discounts. However, there are local govts such as Lombardy or South Tyrol that add further subsidies, making up for those who don’t have clunkers to get rid of…

1 year ago

ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) counterpart that is eligible for a 4.000 subsidy from the government.​”

Why is the ICE getting a subsidy, is it for coronavirus recovery.
So Renault takes away the entire 10.000 subsidy by pricing the car € 10.000 more than its gas counterpart.

Please post some comments by new ID.3 owners.

1 year ago

This is a bit off topic.
Pedro: With the EU emission regulations, do you think that we can expect prices to drop next year? Do the European car manufacturers need to increase their sales of BEV enough that they have to cut prices in order to reach the limits of the EU emission regulations?

Gareth Claase
1 year ago
Reply to  Lars

A good question. I’m also interested to hear thoughts on this.

1 year ago
Reply to  Lars

Quite the opposite unfortunately. Due to the chinese virus, dinosaur car sales have dropped, but BEV sales kept its YOY increase. Hence, statistically the sold vehicles are on average cleaner. Hence, they don’t need to sell BEVs as much to meet the EU thresholds. So, there is no foreseeable pressure for prices to drop.

1 year ago
Reply to  Pedro Lima

We already have the prices in Portugal for the skoda Enyak (2021 deliveries) and they are encouraging… not amazingly low, but not stupidly high prices as honda E, Mazda MX30…

35KEUR & UP for the 50 (wltp 340kms)
39KEUR & UP for the 60 (wltp 390kms)
46 KEUR & UP for the 80 (wltp 510kms)

1 year ago
Reply to  Freddy

At those prices I would think the Enyak would sell a lot of units in Europe.

I hope VW brings the ID.4 to Canada at a similar price, but has the ID.4 at 6000 EUR higher than the Enyaq, so I’m guessing the ID.4 is going to be fairly pricey once it’s imported into Canada.

The e-Golf is listed at 32K EUR in Germany, and is $42K CAD, so by extrapolation if the ID.4 (60) is 45K EUR, the same ratio brings it to $59K CAD. That’s getting into Model Y territory, and is quite a bit higher than the top trim of the Kia e-Niro, which is $55K here.

I guess I’ll have to wait and see how much the Nissan Ariya will actually cost.

1 year ago
Reply to  Marcel

The drop of prices is already happening. In Slovenia, Hyundai offered 5000-6000€ additional discount for 2020 Ioniq and Kona which with 6000€ government subsidy lowers the price of the car to much more “normal” region (the price for top trim Kona model lowers from 47k to 36k). Previously you could not get Impression version below 40k

Marcel, you need to count in additional tariffs when comparing EU and Tesla prices. For example, here in EU you cannot get Long version of model 3 without “autopilot” for lower than say 55K€ which is some 70k USD

1 year ago
Reply to  Rok

Rok, glad to see you’re already getting some price reductions in Europe.

re tariffs, I was trying to cancel them out by using the e-golf as a reference, as that’s the only VW EV available here in Canada, but I guess I should’ve check where VW makes them. If they’re made in the US, then the comparison doesn’t work, because the ID.4 is initially going to be coming from Europe.

i was also comparing the projected id4 price to the model y price here in Canada, so the tariffs wouldn’t apply there. The LR AWD is $70K CAD, and I expect the upcoming RWD to be $63-65K. And that comparison is for the Id.4 60, which is much shorter range than the model Y.

Tom Houlden
1 year ago
Reply to  Marcel

Thanks Pedro, for yet another great report. I’d like to see you do one (& see the others’ great comments!) on this “half-price” China brand currently attempting to break into the US market, with maybe something similar destined for Europe to fill the VW triplets’ vacuum. In Southern California Edison’s utility territory the net cost would be $6499US after all incentives:

Tom Houlden
1 year ago
Reply to  Pedro Lima

I agree on all points.

Europe seems to be a better target for the K27, which is why I think they might try that soon.

It might be a sort of “lost leader” here, to get people to consider the larger, slightly less cheap K22.

I LOVE my 2013 500e, & they are starting to become available used in Europe.

Here in southern California, there are currently 22 used ones of various years for $6500 or less, within 200 miles of me (322km), about the same as when I checked a little after Covid hit. I very strongly recommend getting one for which you can purchase the 10-year 100,000-mile Mercury Insurance extended warranty (requires sufficient remaining OEM warranty & sufficiently low miles AT time of extension purchase). It’s quite inexpensive, and also seems to cover all the important things that other warranties sometimes don’t. There might be something similar available in Europe.

American Kandi owners should also have access to Mercury warranties, & it’s very nice to finally see a new EV option that’s apparently priced more in line with production cost. I’d still like to see your professional analysis of the K27 & K22. You may be getting them there soon.