Renault Twingo ZE prices for France leaked (update)

Renault Twingo ZE

Just a few days before the Renault Twingo ZE is officially available to order in France, its prices were revealed in a French forum. While we still have to wait a few more days to get the official confirmation, the leaked information seems legit.


Renault Twingo ZE in France

  • R80 Life: 21.350 euros
  • R80 Zen: 24.250 euros
  • R80 Intens: 25.450 euros
  • R80 Vibes: 26.450 euros


Renault Twingo ZE trim levels in France


To get heated seats in the Renault Twingo ZE you have to buy the most expensive trim level. If you’re wondering how much cheaper than its big brother is the Twingo ZE in France, let’s see it.


Renault ZOE in France

  • Life: 32.000 euros
  • Zen: 34.000 euros
  • Intens: 36.000 euros


So you can save more than 10.000 euros if you buy the smaller electric car. By the way, all these prices are before any discounts or governments subsidies and include the battery. Renault no longer leases the batteries of its electric cars.


Moving on…

Due to generous government subsidies in France the price of the Renault Twingo ZE R80 is artificially inflated and this small electric car will be cheaper outside its domestic market.

Nonetheless, now Germany suffers from the same problem of government subsidies to buy electric cars being counterproductive.

To be eligible for government subsidies in Germany Renault isn’t allowed to make the Twingo ZE more expensive there than it is in other countries, so the automaker decided to only sell the most expensive version… This is how automakers outsmart BAFA (Federal Office of Economics and Export Control) responsible to determine which electric cars are eligible for government subsidies in Germany.


Renault Twingo ZE in Germany

  • R80 Vibes: 24.165 euros


Fortunately in countries with milder government subsidies the prices are a bit more acceptable…


Renault Twingo ZE in The Netherlands

  • R80 Life: 20.590 euros
  • R80 Zen: 22.090 euros
  • R80 Intens: 23.490 euros
  • R80 Vibes: 24.790 euros


Renault Twingo ZE in Austria

  • R80 Life: 20.490 euros
  • R80 Zen: 21.990 euros
  • R80 Intens: 23.290 euros
  • R80 Vibes: 24.490 euros


Renault Twingo ZE starting price in Austria (by Stefan Ko)


Anyway, there are better alternatives to the Renault Twingo ZE in France.


  • SEAT Mii Electric: 21.920 euros
  • SEAT Mii Electric Plus: 23.070 euros
  • Volkswagen e-up: 23.740 euros

Currently the SKODA CITIGOᵉ Iv isn’t even available to order in France…


However, the VW electric triplets have an extremely long waiting time that in some countries is almost one year. It’s almost like Volkswagen doesn’t want to sell them…

While Renault Twingo ZE can’t offer better specs, maybe it’ll offer faster deliveries. Currently the Renault ZOE is the electric car with the lowest average waiting time (often below 3 months) in Europe, we’ll see if the little Twingo ZE gets the same attention from Renault.

Renault also offers regular discounts on its electric cars, if VW doesn’t increase the production of its electric triplets the unimpressive Renault Twingo ZE might outsell them.

Does it matter that the VW electric triplets have better specs if you can’t even get them?



More info:

Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. I’m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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1 year ago

This petrol version of the same car can be bought in Germany for €7750 with no waiting.
You can buy a pre-reg with no waiting lists and no delivery costs for under 7500.

There may be some differences but not many and the petrol car will get you across Germany from Munich to Hamburg faster on a tank of fuel with some range to spare.
Renault just don’t want to sell EVs unless you pay well over the odds.
The motor costs no more than an engine/clutch/gearbox and there is such a small battery in this car that the premium over a petrol car can’t be justified.

1 year ago
Reply to  Pedro Lima

yes…milking the cow 🙁 … Hope the cow realizes this and act!

1 year ago

Was there any announcement from Renault when exactly deliveries of Twingo ZE will start?

patrick dooley
1 year ago

So if dipole is right the German subsidy of €9,000 means the EV version still costs twice the ICE version. Tesla-3 pre-subsidy price per kWh is €800 whilst the Twingo is €1,100 (plus/minus – OK). Either Tesla is selling way too cheap or someone is being seriously ripped off!

1 year ago

Little offtopic: The Škoda Enyaq was released in Czech Republic. The base price for 58/62 kWh battery is 1.059.900 Kč. I will comment the price as “not good, not terrible”

Last edited 1 year ago by Pajda
1 year ago
Reply to  Pedro Lima

Today was released price for 77/82 kWh battery which starts at 1.189.900 Kč or ca 45.000 euro. That is significantly cheaper than TM3 LR and on par wit Kia e-Niro 64 kWh in Czech Republic. Škoda expected that they sell only 1000 pcs on domestic market in 2021. It is obvious that prices of Enyaq are based on subsidies in Germany, France and so those are now the only interesting markets for electric vehicle producers in EU. My guess is that prices are ca 6-8.000 eur higher only due to the subsidies so there wil be a giant profit for Škoda and another issue for VW beause ID.3 for almost the same price is not only smaller but its overall material and design quality is inferior to the Škoda and I am very curious if VW will do something with ID.4.

Last edited 1 year ago by Pajda
Gareth Claase
1 year ago
Reply to  Pajda

This car still represents progress, because as you indicate it’s significantly cheaper than any other car with this range. It also has a lot of luggage space. It will probably be much better value than the LR Model Y when that is released.

1 year ago
Reply to  Gareth Claase

I agree, it does represent progress. It’s a lot bigger than the e-Niro and in the same price range, and the 60iv must be cheaper than the e-niro? And it can tow. And it’s much cheaper than the e-tron and the EQC.

I hope they’re ready to build a lot of them, because I suspect they will sell a lot of them.

1 year ago
Reply to  Pajda

but you have to add at least 4000€ options to be somewhat comparable to Tesla, like proper fast charging is option at 710€. Although competition is good coz Tesla was lately milking EU buyers, US got price drop EU didn’t, USD exchange ratio dropping, but I guess Tesla still have 1 or 2 quarters…

1 year ago

Anyone thinks that VW group is interested in selling small BEVs, please read this
Orders for VW e-up, Skoda Citigo, Seat Mii are closed. Whats wrong in selling these small vehicles.

1 year ago

These prices are not the biggest problem. It’s good that they are there so that the car makers can charge high for the car. The biggest problem is that they don’t even want to sell cars. Rise the prices even more if you want to, just market and sell the flicking cars!

1 year ago

Hi Pedro, thanks for the article again. Does someone know which company supplies the DCDC converter and the On-Board charger on this vehicle ?