Orders for the Renault Twingo ZE Vibes open in September

New Renault TWINGO ZE in Vibes limited edition

After having its disappointing price leaked, now Renault announces that French customers will be able to order the limited and overpriced Vibes edition of the Renault Twingo ZE in September.

In Germany, customers can order it a few weeks earlier in mid-August, but I think it’s just a symbolic date. Most German customers will prefer the Volkswagen triplets over this more expensive and with less range alternative.


Let’s see the press release.


Renault unveils the Vibe Limited Series:

  • A Limited Series with colourful accents
  • A new colour: Valencia Orange
  • More than ever all the Twingo energy
  • Orders open in France with Twingo Electric from September 2020


While the queen of city is about to become electric, Renault presents a brand-new Limited Series called Vibes. While this Limited Series celebrates the arrival of Twingo Electric, it will also be offered later on in its petrol engines versions. Orders will be open for France from the start of the new academic year in 2020.

Called Vibes, this Limited Series is based on New Twingo Electric’s Intens finish and features an exclusive new colour: Valencia Orange. It features a radiator grille with white accents and 16-inch white diamond alloy wheels with orange wheel covers. In keeping with the idea of duality, the Vibe Limited Series is also available in the palette of colors available* on Twingo Electric.

In addition to the possible colour choices, the bodywork is adorned with specific patterns – such as vibrations – composed of several white and grey or orange and grey lines depending on the chosen colour. Two versions of the stripping are available: a “light” version emphasising the edge line along the bodywork, and a “full” version extending to the roof. To underline the fact that Vibes belongs to the electric world, it is enhanced by a specific motif on the right rear wing above the recharging hatch, symbolizing a battery. A Vibes monogram on the rear doors adorns the side protection strips in the image of a belt buckle.

Inside, the dashboard above the display feature the Vibes pattern with colored stripes. The 7-inch EasyLink display allows the driver to check the availability of charging stations in real time and features Google Android Auto & Apple CarPlay smartphone replication. The seats also come in an exclusive finish with mixed leather/cloth upholstery with orange accents. Special door sills, overlay mats and an anodised orange gear selector base complete the package.

*except Flame Red and Mango Yellow


I don’t know exactly what Renault’s strategy for the Twingo ZE is, but it definitely seems to be a backup car. It’s the electric car that Renault will actively sell only if needed, it’s a plan B.

Right now Renault doesn’t need this small electric car to comply with EU emissions regulations since ZOE’s sales are more than enough. Don’t forget that thanks to the COVID-19 lockdown ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars sales dropped a lot, which means that fewer electric cars are required to reach the quotas for this year than what was previously expected.

However, next year, the scenario will be different and if Renault concludes that selling the ZOE won’t be enough to comply with EU emissions regulations, it can easily give the little Twingo ZE a nice discount to boost sales.

Moreover, in 2022 the Twingo ZE will get a new generation with more range and probably CCS fast charging, which means that in 2021 the current generation might get generous discounts…


Additional, cheaper equipment versions of the battery-powered city car will be available for order in the fourth quarter of 2020 and will be delivered in spring 2021.


Renault’s secret calendar reveals two new BEVs


Anyway, it’s a shame that Renault considers the Twingo ZE a backup car, just like Volkswagen does with its triplets. There are a lot of European customers that just need and want a nice A-segment electric car with decent price and availability.

Knowing that a new generation is not far away, what do you think it would be a fair price for the current Renault Twingo ZE?



More info:



Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. I’m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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1 year ago

2 seater electric vehicles are selling very well in China. Definitely there will be good demand for these 4/5 seaters. Come on European automakers, please come out of caves and start selling BEVs as people demand.

Please see this website for how many small 2/4 seater vehicles are sold there.

1 year ago

Most families in the World have only 1/2 children. A compact 4 hatch/crossover car with decent trunk space should do for most families. Automakers know this, but they want to sell full size vehicles.

How long can they hold, if a wave of automakers start selling this Twingo like vehicle with BEV option, then the tables will turn.

Tesla is talking about a compact car for the world which will most likely be 4 seater 5 door hatch.
Sedans/Coupes the world over are taking a hit. Recent ones to bite the dust is Honda Civic Coupe and Lincoln Continental Sedan in USA.

Instead of automakers wasting money on designing sedans/coupes, they can invest in wagons/crossovers which are almost the same.
Vehicle >= 1.5 meters in height is a crossover
Vehicle < 1.5 meters in height is a wagon.
Thats all is the difference between the 2.

1 year ago

I don’t like it either but don’t forget a corporation’s purpose is to make money. They need competition, customer demand and government regulation so that the free market will lead them to a cheap car like this at some point.

1 year ago
Reply to  Stefan

Legacy automakers could easily pass eletrification in phases (by class of vehicles) in order not to cannibalize ICE sales… for instance making all class A vehicles at once from ICE to BEV… after 6months/1 year they start with other class…

If Tesla with all investment in new factories, network of sales and service, Superchargers is able to turn profit, legacy car makers (with all this established already) don’t have profit because they don’t want it…plain and simple… they prefer to beg for subsidies and wave with the unemployment flag…

No, I’m not paid by Tesla… I have a Nissan Leaf 40kwh and I work many hours daily to be able to pay it.

1 year ago
Reply to  Freddy

Cannot say Tesla is profitable from its core business. Without CO2 credits sold to FCA they would still be deep in red

1 year ago
Reply to  Rok

Yes, true for q1 and q2 2020.. Other quarters before I did not checked this info. But this is also interesting times… Not even ices believe will show any profits on these quarters

Leo B
1 year ago
Reply to  Rok

Tesla invested a lot more money in three factories (Berlin, Shanghai expansion and now Austin) than it received from selling regulatory credits and still made a profit. It’s core business is very profitable at the moment.

Maarten Vinkhuyzen
1 year ago

In the frame that holds the battery pack there is room for a second 20kWh battery pack.
Add CCS and you have a decent small car that can take you outside the limits of the city. Especially in countries that have DC charging between the cities.

I think a fair price for a 40kWh CCS version would be €16,000 before taxes and incentives.

I clearly have to write a rant about this.

Maarten Vinkhuyzen
1 year ago
Reply to  Pedro Lima

Pedro, I did sent you an email with a suggestion / question a few days back using the MailTo button on the top.
Did you get it?

Maarten Vinkhuyzen
1 year ago
Reply to  Pedro Lima

In Spam, thanks for reply.

1 year ago

Depending on where you live this car can get you far outside the city. For Europe this is a great second car and I would like to have it.