Battery cells with highest energy density in China

The first generation NCM 811 battery cells from CATL and SK Innovation are now on top of the list of the most energy dense cells used in China.

As for the second generation of NCM 811 batteries with silicon added to the graphite anode, they will arrive later this year and will be able to reach 300 Wh/kg.

The latest list also shows us that cylindrical battery cells are no longer required to achieve great energy density levels.

  • CATL: 279,56 Wh/kg (NCM 811 in pouch form)
  • SKI: 269,44 Wh/kg (NCM 811 in pouch form)
  • LG: 257,1 Wh/kg (NCM 811 in cylindrical form)

It’s interesting to see that the pouch NCM 712 battery cell produced by LG Chem in Europe has an energy density similar to the NCM 811 pouch cell from SK Innovation (265 vs 269 Wh/kg).

Moreover, we now have prismatic cells among battery cells with the highest energy density, which is great because CTP (cell-to-pack) batteries are made with this type of cell.

With the most energy-dense prismatic battery cell on this list we could get around 211 Wh/kg at the battery pack level if using the CTP technology, considering a GCTP (gravimetric cell-to-pack ratio) of 84,5 %.

While the focus of my latest articles has been on CTP battery packs made with cobalt-free LFP and LNMO battery cells, CTP battery packs can also be made with more energy-dense NCM and NCMA battery cells. However, these more expensive chemistries will probably be relegated to premium electric cars in the near future. The massification of electric cars requires cobalt-free batteries.