Renault ZOE starts the year with impressive record

New generation Renault ZOE

Last month Renault sold almost 10.000 units of the new ZOE. With 9.720 units sold to private buyers and 153 sold to companies, the total is an impressive figure of 9.873 units sold in January 2020.

More than half of these sales were made in its domestic market France, where there were 5.471 new ZOEs delivered.


Let’s see the numbers in more detail.


Renault ZOE (January 2020)

  • Europe: 9.782
  • Rest of the world: 91
  • Total: 9.873


Renault Kangoo ZE (January 2020)

  • Europe: 723
  • Rest of the world: 20
  • Total: 743


Renault Master 3 ZE (January 2020)

  • Europe: 16
  • Rest of the world: 0
  • Total: 16


Renault City K-ZE (January 2020)

  • Europe: 0
  • Rest of the world: 180
  • Total: 180


The Renault Twizy with zero units sold completely disappeared. What does it mean? A new generation is coming or the model will be discontinued?

The SEAT Minimรณ looks like a new generation Renault Twizy should be… it looks perfect for carsharing services aimed at tourists.

SEAT Minimรณ


Anyway, the new Renault ZOE is clearly very popular in Europe. Now it’s time for Renault to expand its popularity to new markets, such as Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. In South America the more affordable Renault Twingo ZE might be more appropriate.



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