Hyundai Kona Electric gets range and efficiency boost

Hyundai boosts Kona Electric supply to Europe

The Hyundai Kona Electric to be produced in Europe starting next month will arrive with new and more efficient tires.


The information comes from Hyundai Norway:

With a range of over 480 km *, app control, faster home charging and fast charging in under an hour **, Kona Electric is a perfect electric car for both long and short trips.ย Kona Electric also offers a comprehensive equipment package, including navigation, premium KRELL sound systems and a complete safety package.

* The scope is based on WLTP applies to Kona Electric manufactured from March 2020, factory supplied with new Michelin Primacy 4 tires.
Previous models have the WLTP range stated at 449 km.ย The range may vary depending on the ground, your driving style and temperature.
** 0-80 percent charge in 54 minutes on a 100 kW charging station.



Now Hyundai claims that the WLTP range increase from 449 to 484 km (279 to 301 miles) is due to the new Michelin Primacy 4 tires. However, this almost 8 percent increase can’t be explained solely by more efficient tires.

In 2018 Hyundai had to downgrade the WLTP range of the Kona Electric from 470 to 449 km (292 to 279 miles). Therefore, this new increase of WLTP range might be in part explained by new tires, but most of it is probably due to a readjustment to the previous downgrade calculations and not real efficiency gains.



More info:

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1 year ago

It is impossible to get 8% increase in range just by different tires (if size remains the same). It might be up to 1-2% from tires based on reading 10+ years of independent tire tests.