Opel Ampera-e gets a price cut

Opel Ampera-e gets a price cut in The Netherlands

The Opel Ampera-e just got a price cut in The Netherlands, where it’s still available to order.

Since GM sold Opel to the PSA Group the Opel Ampera-e got its presence diminished in Europe. However, it’s still available to order in some countries such as Germany and The Netherlands.


Let’s see the press release.


Very attractive lease rates for fully electric cars


  • Business lease from € 459 per month; net addition per month from € 82
  • Opel Private Lease from € 539 per month
  • Range 423 electric kilometers based on WLTP test cycle
  • Limited stock, gone = gone


Amsterdam . Opel has greatly reduced the price of the fully electric Ampera-e. Stock models in the Business version are available from € 34,149 (was € 44,799); for the Business Executive version the starting price has been reduced to € 37,149 (was € 48,449). The price reductions have been prompted by the run-out of this electric model, as well as the changed addition percentages. Mentioned prices include VAT.

Attractive lease rates

The Opel Ampera-e is of course also extra attractive in the lease. Based on 60 months / 10,000 km per year, the Ampera-e can now be leased for business via Free2Move Lease from € 459 per month (excluding VAT), with a monthly net addition of € 82, which is only fractionally higher then the monthly addition amount from before the change from 4% to 8%. Individuals pay via Opel Private Lease now from € 539 per month (including VAT).

Optimal driving pleasure

With a full 60 kWh battery, the 100% electric Ampera-e has a range of 423 electric kilometers (WLTP). It offers optimum driving pleasure thanks to its 360 Nm torque and 150 kW (204 hp) power. The Ampera-e accelerates from a standstill to 100 km / h in just 7.3 seconds.

Despite its compact appearance, the interior of the Ampera-e is surprisingly spacious thanks to the efficient placement of the battery pack in the floor of the car. There are five seats and the boot varies from 381 to 1,274 liters. Furthermore, the Ampera-e is progressive in the field of (smartphone) connectivity and the latest infotainment technology.

The stock of the Ampera-e is limited, so it is advisable for interested parties not to wait too long, since in this case ‘on’ is really ‘on’. However, alternatives are sufficient in that case, since Opel will launch four electrified models in 2020, including the plug-in hybrid Grandland X Hybrid4 in the first quarter of 2020 and the fully electric Corsa-e, followed later in the year by the fully electric Vivaro-e and the electric variant of the new generation Opel Mokka.

In 2024 an electrified version of every Opel model will be available.


This electric hatchback with a WLTP range of 423 km (262 miles) seems perfect to the European market. Its biggest problem, however, is that it’s an electric car made by GM in the USA and now PSA makes its own electric cars in Europe.

Opel says that there is limited stock of the Ampera-e and once the stock is gone, is gone forever. If you’re interested, this might be your last chance to get one for a starting price of 34.149 euros.



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1 year ago

Although its interior quality issues (American car) and somewhat “old” model (now all EV’s are almost new), it is a good proposal for the price… it’s cheaper than Leaf 62 or the Koreans, and it has a major advantage agains Leaf – it has liquid cooling…
For me the biggest problem is really not being available (in Portugal)… there are on the used market platforms (autoscout / mobile) used Ampera-e more expensive than this…