Volkswagen already delivered 100.000 units of the e-Golf

The 100.000 e-Golf was handed at the Transparent Factory Dresden in late November

The Volkswagen e-Golf number 100.000 was recently handed at the Transparent Factory Dresden.


Volkswagen yesterday delivered the 100,000th e-Golf in the Gläserne Manufaktur Dresden. The model was launched in 2014 as the Volkswagen brand’s second battery electric vehicle (BEV) after the e-up!03 (2013). The e-Golf is one of the most successful electric vehicles in Europe and is also popular with customers in other countries – including the USA. The new ID.3 will be assembled in Dresden from fall 2020. In addition, the location is to be made even more attractive as a destination for visitors and customers.


With the new Volkswagen ID.3 just around the corner this seems to be a goodbye party for the e-Golf.



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  1. I can understand why people think of the e-Golf as a compliance car.
    But I own one and its actually a very good EV and a car in general.
    The app support is very good, the interior space isn’t compromised by the battery, its has loads of high-quality VW technology, its also very good on energy efficiency (comparable to the much lighter I3) and it has plenty of power.
    But it should have a bigger battery (45kWh ID3 battery would be perfect), it should also charge faster.
    I understand why people are very angry with VW, but the ID3 is (in my opinion) the most impressive EV (outside of Tesla).

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