GAC Aion LX arrives in October


The GAC Aion LX is now available to order in China and first deliveries are scheduled for this October. The 2WD variants have a starting price of 250.000 yuans (31.807 euros), while the 4WD has a starting price of 300.000 yuans (38.168 euros).


Available in three drivetrain configurations.

  • AION LX 60/70: 135 kW (2WD)
  • AION LX 80: 150 kW (2WD)
  • AION LX 80D: 300 kW (4WD) able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3,9 seconds


Available in two battery configurations.

  • AION LX 60: 70 kWh battery made with NCM 523 battery cells from Farasis
  • AION LX 80: 93 kWh battery made with NCM 811 battery cells from CATL

The battery capacity of the AION LX 70 variant is unknown.


NEDC range:

  • AION LX 60: 503 km (313 miles)
  • AION LX 70: 520 km (323 miles)
  • AION LX 80: 650 km (404 miles)
  • AION LX 80D: 600 km (373 miles)

While the NEDC range is very unrealistic, it’s interesting to note that the Tesla Model X in its long range version achieves a range of 565 km (351ย miles) in NEDC.

The GAC Aion LX has a drag coefficient of 0,288 and the Tesla Model X has a drag coefficient of 0,25.


GAC Aion LX interior


GAC wants the Aion LX to be an alternative to the more expensive Tesla Model X, while the Aion S was designed to be an alternative to the Tesla Model 3.



It’s now clear that the best alternatives to Tesla’s electric cars are coming from Chinese automakers, instead of European automakers such as Audi, Mercedes or BMW. As European I still don’t know if this is funny or sad…



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Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. Iโ€™m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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2 years ago

Where will this be sold? Across Europe, or only in some markets? I think that Chinese car makers will take advantage of the current high prices of EV to gain a foothold. They could achieve a market share as large as Korean carmakers in the space of a few years by pricing aggressively.

2 years ago

I think the 565 km nedc number belongs to the model x 100D. The long range has gotten some motor and efficient updates so the x long range has about 10 percent longer range so its nedc should be around 625 km or more since the update is mostly at low speeds and nedc is at low speeds.

2 years ago

Of course China will lead the EV revolution. They have this huge home market, they have the battery mass production and the raw materials to feed a desired green transport industry. That’s the perfect “storm”!

2 years ago

That seems like a good price for what looks like a fairly large EV with decent range. I guess the price goes up a lot if they would export it though.

2 years ago

Pedro, I didn’t realise you cover also domestic only Chinese EV. I am only really interested in what the EV share of Chinese car sales is, and Chinese cars which are or may be exported to Europe, like the MG ZS or the Nio. I don’t fully believe in the saturation argument. BEV+PHEV share is about 7.5% of new sales, but the Chinese subsidies are coming down, and the technological and quality gap with established manufacturers is narrowing. Industrial policy considerations mean they will start selling soon.

2 years ago

Any comments on BYD electric cars? They are selling in South America (Colombia)