MG ZS EV prices announced

MG ZS EV prices announced

The ZS EV was already launched in China under a different name (MG eZS), but MG’s parent company SAIC always planned to export it to other markets. Now the all electric SUV from the British automaker MG finally has its prices revealed for the UK.


Let’s see the press release.



Iconic British brand MG launches the first truly affordable, family friendly electric car
MG ZS EV available from just £21,495 for first 1,000 retail customers *
Price includes free home charging point and standard installation *
MG ZS EV is the most high-tech MG ever, with MG Pilot driver assistance suite
Go anywhere with 163 miles WLTP range and frequent rapid charging capability
Car and lithium-ion battery covered by MG’s famous 7 Year Warranty
MG’s Gigafactory capable of producing 300,000 EV batteries per year

MG Motor UK today announces its entry into the zero-emissions vehicle market with the first truly affordable, family friendly electric car. The sensational MG ZS EV has been designed to bring EV technology to a wider audience than ever before and represents an exciting new chapter in the MG story.

ZS EV is MG’s most high-tech car ever, with the MG Pilot driver assistance suite setting new standards of specification and delivering exceptional value for money. ZS EV combines the spacious and practical design of the original ZS with a clean, efficient and dynamic electric powertrain. With the first 1,000 retail customers able to get behind the wheel from just £21,495, MG is bringing zero-emissions motoring to the people. Combining a WLTP certified range of 163 miles and frequent rapid charging capability, families can enjoy the freedom to go anywhere in an electric car. MG is also proud to be offering ZS EV with its famous 7 Year Warranty that covers the car and the lithium-ion battery.

Packed with innovative features, ZS EV is designed to provide customers with a stress-free driving experience. MG Pilot is a driver assistance suite which complements the driver and offers support when required. Excite and Exclusive versions both include MG Pilot as standard, with features including Advanced Emergency Braking, Blindspot Monitoring, Lane Keep Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control.

ZS EV majors on interior space, making it ideal for busy families and those who value practicality. Boasting some of the most generous shoulder, leg and headroom in its class, the ZS EV also features a substantial, full-sized boot. With hidden storage areas, a split-level boot and practical features to keep items secure on the move, ZS EV can handle bikes, pushchairs, luggage and bulky loads with no trouble at all. In the cabin, the sky really is the limit with the panoramic, sliding Sky Roof offering uninterrupted access to the sunshine above, creating a bright and airy experience for the whole family.

Customers will also enjoy the latest generation of MG’s responsive infotainment system, with an 8” colour touchscreen featuring satellite navigation, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth phone connectivity with audio streaming and DAB radio.

ZS EV features an intelligently packaged and water-cooled 44.5kWh lithium-ion battery pack, fed to a front-mounted electric motor which delivers 105kW / 143PS of power and 353Nm of instant torque. Water-cooling manages the battery temperature allowing frequent rapid charging and optimum range whatever the weather. MG’s ingenious packaging positions the battery pack underneath the car, meaning that there’s no compromise in cabin or storage space. This also results in a low centre of gravity, making ZS EV agile and dynamic through corners. While power and weight distribution are important, ZS EV also boasts some impressive technology to maximise range, efficiency and convenience for the driver. With three driving modes and three levels of regenerative braking, ZS EV can be tailored to suit the driver’s preferences, making it the perfect companion for everyday driving.

Both the car’s internal and external styling elements make the ZS EV feel reassuringly MG. ZS EV sports the latest evolution of MG’s distinctive star-rider grille which perfectly frames the famous octagonal logo. It also seamlessly integrates the CCS charging port. The new-style 17” alloy wheels are designed to be light and extremely aerodynamic, helping to maximise range even further, and the choice of four exterior colours includes the new and vibrant Pimlico Blue.

Daniel Gregorious, Head of Sales & Marketing at MG, said: “With an exciting £21,495 price point at launch, ZS EV is a compelling option for customers who want to switch from old school petrol and diesel cars and enjoy all the wonderful benefits of electric motoring. ZS EV is here to revolutionise the way people think about electric cars. With the first truly affordable, family friendly electric car, MG is bringing zero-emissions motoring within everyone’s reach. Make no mistake, this car isn’t a brand statement or a vanity project, we’re here to sell electric cars and to sell big!”

ZS EV customer deliveries will begin in September 2019. Customers wishing to make sure they secure one of the first 1,000 retail cars, available from just £21,495, can place a £500 deposit to reserve their place in the queue by visiting

* MG ZS EV Excite starts from £28,495 OTR. After deducting the Government Grant of £3,500 and the matching MG EV Grant, the first 1,000 retail customers can purchase their car from just £21,495. MG will also match the Government Grant on Exclusive versions, reducing the £30,495 OTR price to just £23,495. Free home charging point and standard installation also applies to the first 1,000 retail orders.



Summing up, in the United Kingdom, the price starts at 24.995 GBP after the plug-in car grant of 3.500 GBP. However, for the first 1.000 units, MG will match the plug-in car grant, dropping the price to 21.495 GBP (23.913 EUR).

The specs are decent, the 105 kW motor and its 44,5 kWh liquid-cooled battery – made with CATL cells – give it a WLTP range of 163 miles (262 km). Charging the battery from 0 to 80 % can be done in 43 minutes at a 50 kW CCS fast charger, or in less than 6 hours at home with its 7 kW on-board charger.

Moreover, safety features such as Advanced Emergency Braking, Blindspot Monitoring, Lane Keep Assist and Adaptive Cruise Control are standard.



Interestingly MG says that it has the capacity to produce 300.000 EV batteries per year and that “this car isn’t a brand statement or a vanity project, we’re here to sell electric cars and to sell big!”

In the United Kingdom first deliveries are due in September, other markets will follow.



More info:

Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. I’m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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2 years ago

Can’t wait for it!

2 years ago

The Chinese are coming. And the longer the established carmakers continue making only £30k+ EVs, the more successful the like of MG (SAIC) and BYD will be in cracking the European market….

2 years ago

“British automaker MG” ?
Is any of the company still owned by Britain, and is any of it made there? Formerly British, perhaps.

2 years ago

Great news!!!

2 years ago
Reply to  Francesc

23.913 EUR onces using discounts.. nice price! the cheapeast ZOE with 41kwh with no driving asistin technology is for 30.000€ with -6000€ at spain.. it means 24.000 euros!!!
MG is startint good very good with 300.000 units per year and disponibility from setember.
The “old” car makers are slept. Sorry.. gave over for “european brands”.. it is time for china…

2 years ago
Reply to  Francesc

Read again: the 23.913 euro is only for the first 1000 units. Then the price goes up to 24.995 GBP, which is _after_ the 3500 GBP grant. So the actual sales price is 28495 GBP which in euros is 31.700 more or less. More than the indicated price for the VW ID3 and more than the indicated price for the Opel Corsa and the Peugeot 208.

2 years ago

Are MG going to be the first one to break from the “EVs are too expensive to make” peloton and start undercutting their competition?

Or does VW’s new e-up also lower the entry level price enough?

Maximilian Holland
2 years ago

Thanks for this Pedro. I’m looking at the WLTP city range rating of 372 km, and the large contrast with the WLTP combined rating of 263 km. A large differential!

Since WLTP combined is made up of 52% city/urban and 48% rural/highway, this suggests that the rural/highway rating is just around 145 km, which is a bit worrying (although not altogether surprising). Do you have any thoughts on this?

Maximilian Holland
2 years ago
Reply to  Pedro Lima

Thanks for your thoughts on this Pedro. I fully agree that too few EVs are properly optimized for high speed efficiency – which is arguably the most important area to focus on (to allow average car buyers to feel comfortable to transition away from ICE vehicles). Tesla and Hyundai/Kia do get this right of course, but most other manufacturers don’t (yet).

Let’s see what the real world highway tests of the MG ZS uncover in the coming weeks and months. The ZS is of course still a great value vehicle for families who mainly drive urban and regional journeys. And the decent DC charging speed slightly alleviates the possibly weak highway efficiency, making this use case just-about-acceptable for those only taking very occasional longer trips.

Arne Johan Larsen
2 years ago

These numbers are actually aligned with what we see for the Nissan Leaf 40kWh (17″); 270km WLTP combined and 389km WLTP city will give a rural rating of 141km by your calculation. As such the GM ZS EV will not be any worse than the Nissan Leaf 40.

Maximilian Holland
2 years ago

Good point, thank you Arne. Lets hope the ZS can come close to the LEAF 40 on highway range. Most helpful would be clear data on the full WLTP scores of each vehicle, like the EPA provides (city, highway, combined). I haven’t yet found a reliable source for WLTP. Let me know if you’re aware of any recent data source.

Arne Johan Larsen
2 years ago

Hi Maximilian,
I am not aware of a source that collects data for WLTP combined/city/highway, but I do have a collection myself for EPA and WLTP for combined cycle.
I have been an EV enthusiast since I bought my first BEV (a Leaf) in 2011 and drove initially approx. 35 000km per year which has increased to approx. 60 000km per year with two BEV’s in the family. I got a 100km commute to work every day with a topographic challenging profile including 70% rural, 20% city and 10% motorway which means that the EPA combined cycle typically gives a very accurate range estimate for my driving experience with BEV’s (minus 5-10% reserve which is the minimum I would like to keep in reserve every day:).
My range tables can be found here (unfortunately mainly in Norwegian):

In addition, I maintain a table of expected BEV’s and when they actually are going to be delivered (in Norway):

Since I got a busy fulltime job I’m not able to prepare fancy YouTube videos and nice websites like Carlos’, but being a EV geek I spend a lot of my leisure time to collect BEV data and I’m happy to share (and learn) from other EV enthusiasts.

Maximilian Holland
2 years ago

Thanks Arne,
Good data there. I have something similar for comparing EPA and WLTP ratings. Let me know if you ever find a source for the full data (3-cycles) for WLTP.

Tom Houlden
2 years ago

Even though I drive mostly city, I agree that if it’s a compromise between improving city or highway range, more highway range is preferable, since as-is there’s a HUGE difference in how far we can drive, depending on our speed. I think it would be much easier for people to switch from gas to electric if there was less difference to have to account for.

Be Gree
2 years ago

Deeply disappointed with MG EV…
No auto air conditioning
No timers available for charging or climate control
No app available for UK as of delivery dates..

No % display for remaining battery.
And you literally have to kneel down in order to plug it in for charging 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️