Uniti One available to pre-order

Uniti One charging

The Swedish electric car Uniti One is now available to pre-order with a refundable deposit of 149 euros.

Usually, small cars are very boxy with bad aerodynamics, but that’s not the case in this electric car. With two tandem seats – just like the Renault TWIZY – this electric car is perfect for the city environment.

If the Renault TWIZY ever gets a new generation, I hope that it looks more like the Uniti One.

Let’s see the target specifications.

Target Specifications*

  • 240 km range
  • 130 km/h top speed
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Dual motors output of 120 kW
  • 26 kWh battery pack, DC fast charging
  • 25 min from 20-80 % on standard charge
  • 900 kg gross weight



For this kind of car, the specs are appropriate. Not every electric car needs to carry around a big and heavy battery. I just hope that it gets an optional 22 kW on-board charger to take advantage of public 22 kW EVSEs that are common in European cities.

However, it’s not the first time that a startup tries to sell an aerodynamic/efficient electric city car. The French automaker Lumeneo tried to sell the Smera, but with a very expensive Dow Kokam battery it was doomed to fail and went bankrupt in 2013.


French electric cars Lumeneo NEOMA and SMERA


Nevertheless, the battery technology has vastly improved since 2013 and the Uniti One is so much better than the Lumeneo Smera. With a starting price of 14.900 euros this electric car could dominate European cities someday.

What do you think about the Uniti One? Do the tandem seats put you off, or you consider it a smart way to improve aerodynamics?



More info:



Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. I’m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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2 years ago

Fun concept. But reality is a what? A bitch? Yes sir it is. First prove you’re not another Lumeneo. Then, I require a dealership within 100 km, with fair prices. Then make good on that selling price or else. I would totally buy a Renault Twizzy with those target specifications*

Francesc Signes
2 years ago

Sure in northem europe with high income they sell a lot. 15000€ for 20-17kwh? More or less 2-3k€ euros it is expensive. Just 13.000-12000€ for a little chasis?…
Good luck any way. A run a twizy. It is fun but had several errors. Unity is closed so no external air comes in… Seem better suspension? Sorry for my english.

Thanks pedro for your articles. Please ask sonomotors for info about. Their battery for the Sono. Why they assume 9500€ for just 35kwh in 2020 and why it is so good for the enviroment that battery and lets say not an panasonic. Lg samsung or Catl one?

Machamada Mukesh
2 years ago

Booked the car nd hope to see the car to be launched in India soon with a 5 seater

Paul Waterfall
2 years ago

I almost bought a twizy, which would have been a perfect 2nd car except for the lack of windows and no space for storage. Unity has the windows, can’t tell about the boot? Does anyone else think it’s looks will put people off? The Twizy manages to look pretty good, but this is a bit too close to a G-Wiz or Peugeot Ion to be popular…

2 years ago

Horrible rear view.
If I read articles that are a few years old about this car the specs are a bit different, back then they claimed 300 km range (probably NEDC) from 22 kWh battery and a total power output of 75 kW and a 15 kW engine on each wheel and a weight of 450 kg.
If we see this as a city car the top speed and the power output are on the high side, but if we see this as something else than a city car it is fine.
I think the trunk/boot is very small, there isn’t much space between the backseat and the rear end of the car.

2 years ago

I don’t understand why people here are being so negative about this car. It seems like a good, small, city car. It’s what the twizy should’ve been. Also the price doesn’t seem high, comparing to other electric vehicles. For example, the twizy is kind of a joke and according to renault’s website (portugal) it starts from €8.180, which is very expensive for what it is. The other smaller and cheaper elecric car i can remember is the Smart fortwo and it’s more expensive (€22.600 in portugal), has a smaller battery, less powerful motor and probably less aerodynamic.

2 years ago
Reply to  Carlos

I agree. I just ask myself if the 240 km is the realistic range.

2 years ago

I’m questioning the 14,900€ starting price you quote here. The source article linked makes no such statement – it writes that versions as low as 14,900€ are (or were) planned at some point, but the pricing on the car that’s open for preorder now is unknown.

During their crowdfunding campaign half a year ago, Uniti answered questions in regards to pricing expectations, and these answers were uniformely higher. A lot higher. Around 22,000€ to 23,000€ for the initial batch should be expected. Reason being that they decided to switch from a light quadricycle certification to a proper car certification (M1), making the Uniti One more comparable to a Smart ForTwo than a Renault Twizy. This, of course, makes the car more expensive. They also want to offer more than an absolute barebones interior.

2 years ago

I don’t think they’ll make it into production. The staff at Silverstone is gone, the factory plans varies from month to month, different locations each time. They seem to have financial problems as well.