Volkswagen quietly announces the new e-up for 2020

Volkswagen quietly announces the new e-up for 2020
New Volkswagen e-up available in 2020

Following the announcements of the ŠKODA CITIGOe iV and the SEAT Mii, the new Volkswagen e-up is finally unveiled to complete the electric city car trio.

It’s curious that Volkswagen have not made a worldwide press release yet, since this automaker is the champion of announcing electric cars for the future. Instead, the new Volkswagen e-up was announced at the Volkswagen Nederland website.


Update: Volkswagen Norway also announced it in April.


Anyway, the long-awaited electric city car trio is now complete.

The main feature of these cars is their range. With enough range, these cars are much better for city driving than any other ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) alternative. Volkswagen already said that 500 e-up cars will be used in its car sharing service WeShare in Berlin.

New Volkswagen e-up announcement at Volkswagen Nederland website


In comparison to its twins, I prefer the more aerodynamic wheel trims of the e-up, but dislike all that black glass at the rear. It not only makes the car more prone to damage (just like the BMW i3), it also makes the car less visible from behind.

I think that the ŠKODA CITIGOe iV with its lower price has what it takes to be the most successful of the trio.

ŠKODA CITIGOe iV technical overview


What do you think? Which one do you prefer?



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Pedro Lima

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Probably because is too expensive again…

Arne Johan Larsen

VW announced this model in Norway as early as 9 April when the also opened for reservations:

Thanks, I missed that announcement.


I only need to know one thing: price


Does anyone have any information about planned production numbers? And location, I guess it will be Bratislava?


Why only 250 km range? First rumours were about 300 km range, than the e-Citigo was announced with 265 km, than the Mii electric with 260 km and now the new e-up with only 250 km.

They just say that the range is more than 250 km. Volkswagen Norway says that the WLTP range is 260 km.


I heard rumors that triplets with new battery using full capacity will totally beat the e-Golf range and will be close to the smallest ID.3 battery, so the range should be software limited.


The next e-up should have a longer range than the e-golf, it is smaller and has a sligtly bigger battery.

Do we know about the battery cooling design on these triplets?

The old Volkswagen e-up didn’t had a TMS. I don’t know yet if this remains the same in the new model.


According to Skoda the Citigo-e will have 168 60Ah cells.

I also think that there will be no cooling of the battery, VW did not mention anything about it.