PEUGEOT e-208: price and availability

PEUGEOT e-208: price and availability
PEUGEOT e-208 infographic

While specs are important to determine the success of an electric car, price and availability are crucial.

According to the French auto magazine L’Argus the PEUGEOT e-208 will have a starting price of 31.000 euros. Moreover, PEUGEOT expects the all electric variant (e-208) to represent 15 % of the new PEUGEOT 208’s sales. Last year 230.049 PEUGEOT 208 were sold in Europe, 15 % would be 34.507 cars, therefore less than Renault ZOE.

Curiously, the Renault ZOE already represents 12 % of Renault’s sales on the B segment in Europe and this figure will increase with the arrival of the improved model.


Anyway, the PEUGEOT e-208 is undeniably an appealing electric car and first deliveries are expected next fall, but we already know how slow legacy automakers are regarding electric cars. I don’t expect the PEUGEOT e-208 to be widespread available in Europe before early 2020.

However I think that the Renault ZOE 2.0 will be more successful. Not only the production capacity for it will be higher, but specs are also expected to be better. According to Automobile Propre the new ZOE 2.0 will have a 61 kWh battery, which will put it in Kia e-Soul and Hyundai Kona Electric’s territory. Moreover, the 22 kW on-board charger gives it an unrivaled practicality.


For those who want a compact SUV, the upcoming DS 3 CROSSBACK E-Tense and PEUGEOT e-2008 might be tempting.



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Still a bit too much if you ask me. Still waiting on the ID

Don’t get your hopes up. Volkswagen will adopt the same strategy as Tesla. They’ll start selling the most expensive version first, only a year later the more affordable version will come.


It’s ok, got time


Silent engine lol. Probably the most silent engine ever since there is none hahaha (jajaja)


“Moreover, the 22 kW on-board charger gives it an unrivaled practicality.” … provided grounding is good enough for the Zoe.

My experience in Spain is not very good in this matter.

I think that problem is more common with the Q210 and Q90 powertrains. R240, R90 and R110 are less sensible to poor grounding, but the problem is still there. The more recent 22 kW on-board charger of Smart EQ was even further improved.

Your ZOE is a R90 right?

While DC fast chargers are rare and expensive, public 22 kW EVSEs are common and most are free to use. That’s why I think that the 22 kW on-board charger is great to save money. Charge for free and relatively fast at commercial areas while shopping or watch a movie.


I own a q210. I think same as you do.


Maybe things are different where you live, but in the city where I live there are only two free charging locations and the chargers on both locations are 11kW and one of them is IKEA.
Most of my destinations don’t have chargers, so I have to charge on the way and that makes the Renault Zoe unusable because I don’t want to sit and wait two hours at a quick charger. If I could recharge at a CCS charger in 30 minutes instead of 90 minutes I could use the car for more trips.


Pufffff ese Zoe con 61kwh de batería tiene muy buena pinta. Con una conducción tranquila por carretera unos 90km/h en llano debería poder recorrer unos 400km. Aunque yo personalmente no me gusta nada, muy pequeño y plasticoso a parte me da bastante repugnancia ver el Zoe actual con ¡¡¡frenos tambor traseros!!!.

Hola Rafael. Renault has been listening to the complains. The ZOE 2.0 will only have disc brakes and the interior will be much better. Just look to the interior of the new Clio, it’s very classy.

Asa Destrava

Com’on Pedro, this site needs more content like this one, specially more often. Keep up the good work. Cheers

Thanks, I’ll try to update the blog more often.


Any news about the sister model, the e-Corsa? Should we expect similar price and production numbers for the e-Corsa?

Opel e-Corsa most likely to debut at IAA Cars Frankfurt 2019 in September, then we’ll know more.


The Zoe is a very old car. And as far as I can tell, what’s coming next is just a refresh. Yes, they can upgrade the brakes and other stuff. It’s still a car developed and designed for 1960… a very expensive one.


This was meant as a reply to Rafael.


I don’t see the “availability’ in the text…
When can I order an e-208?
How long will be the delivery time?
When will I get my e-208?

I really like this _specification_ and this _look_.
But I would like to get a CAR, not a brochure…


Same here: No one knows anything… I am afraid the french will keep it to themselves…


Update: french peops are allowed to order (Réservez) the GT line with ice or electric :


I don’t read/understand french, so is there any word about the price if they allow people to order?

What I meant by availability, is that roughly 35.000 units will be available for delivery per year. First deliveries are expected next fall, but we already know how slow legacy automakers are regarding electric cars. I don’t expect the PEUGEOT e-208 to be widespread available in Europe before early 2020.


Me ha encantado leerte, a ver cuándo nos comentas algo acerca del precio del ID 3.