PEUGEOT e-208 official specs

Zero-emission PEUGEOT e-208 GT
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Simone Vitali
2 years ago

22kw on board charger, I think should be a plus.
Welcome new e 208 Peugeot!

2 years ago

Very nice proposition but without price it’s irrelevant.

2 years ago

I wonder if the battery has a liquid TMS. If not, as with the new Leaf, battery degradation will be an issue.

4 months ago
Reply to  EVEntusiast

No issue for the new Leafs with the million mile batteries.

2 years ago

Excelente coche ¿Los 50kwh de batería son netos o brutos?. Me imagino que el 70% a los 8 años o 160.000km debe ser la capacidad restante que le queda a la batería. Si Peugeot sabe jugar bien sus cartas con este coche “me refiero ponerle un precio competitivo” no va a dar a basto con la producción.

2 years ago

Peugeots used to stand out from others because they had great suspension. Great handling and road feel, but still comfortable. They need to concentrate on this to make their cars stand out in the EV era.

2 years ago

Is this the first EV with liquid cooling without a skateboard design?
Cell volumetric density has improved so much you can fit 50kWh under the seats and in fuel tank space, compare and contrast with the e-Golf

2 years ago
Reply to  Pedro Lima

You are right, maybe they didn’t find any simple solution to actively cooling the batterie pack since the car was not designed for being an EV. I think for 50 Ah PHEV2 cells the temperature sollicitation in the battery pack should be high and can cause damage on the system if they are not well managed by a cooling system.

Jonas Jovial
2 years ago

Another great vapourware release 😤

2 years ago

ID 3 (Neo) is not supermini. It is C-segment car like Golf…

2 years ago

I read somewhere else that the battery cells are from a Chinese manufacturer.

2 years ago

According to the above mentioned:

– 50 kWh battery
– guaranteed for 8 years or 160.000 km (100.000 miles) for 70 % of its charge capacity
– battery is linked to the passenger compartment cooling system, fluid-cooled temperature control enables fast recharging, optimised range and increased life-span
– 340 km (miles) range in WLTP and 450 km (280 miles) in NEDC
– 11 kW 3-phase on-board charger
– 100 kW fast charging via CCS
– Heat pump
– Heated seats

I’d say Peugeot did there homework !!
Looking forward to a great looking car with uptodate technics!

Georgi Georgiev
2 years ago


2 years ago

Pricing is really the most important thing to know now as the specs seem to me like very nice… i.e. batery with over 40kw, liquid thermal management, decent power (in front wheel drive you really dont need that much power, unless really needed it at higher speeds.

Only draw may be really the price and maximum speed (but we also know that at high speeds – Motorway electric cars batteries simply disapear (except Tesla and hyundai/kia for now)…

2 years ago

Nice specs and nice design, but we are missing som important numbers, the price and the produktion numbers. Both numbers are important to show how serious PSA is about selling the e-208.

2 years ago
Reply to  Lars

10% of all new 208 will be electric = not enough!
Price: ~34´000€

Counter-Strike Cat
1 year ago
Reply to  lo

eCorsa is the same platform, so they could be added together. But Zoe will go to 80000+ in 2020.

Manuel Oliveira
2 years ago

Look man! I only need to know one thing – how much? Then, take my money already!

1 year ago

You stated that dependant on version there will be having heated seats. Is this just on the GT version or the GT Lines as well? My local dealer says that none of them will have heated seats


Pawan Tuladhar
1 year ago

What is the ground clearance of the e208?

1 year ago

Hello .we live off grid ,how many watts does it draw to recharge ?

1 year ago

Minimum charging current is 6A. You could make the choice to charge monophase, so that would mean for 230V system 1380W. Obviously, that would take hours and hours to fully charge the car.