New generation Fiat 500e will be produced in Europe

2018 FIAT 500e

Currently the Fiat 500e is produced in Mexico and sold in some states of the USA, but the next generation Fiat 500e will be produced at FCA’s Mirafiori plant in Turin, Italy.

Moreover, the Fiat 500e will get a new platform entirely designed for small electric cars. This was announced yesterday by FCA during a meeting with trade union signatories.

While the electric Fiat 500 will be the first car to get the dedicated small Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) platform, other models will follow.

FCA CEO Mike Manley – who replaced the dinosaur Sergio Marchionne – said:

“Mirafiori will represent the first installation of a full BEV platform applied on the new Fiat 500, capable of scaling to other applications worldwide. Additional investments across our Jeep, Alfa Romeo, and Fiat brands will realize the benefits of existing plant capacity as well as scale and sourcing efficiencies from a common vehicle architecture, and Plug-in Hybrid Electric propulsion (PHEV) system, while preserving traits unique to the brands”.


Furthermore, Pietro Gorlier, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of the Europe, Middle East, Africa region, announced the plan to launch 13 all-new or restyled models during the 2019-2021 period, and the focus on hybrid and electric technologies.


Anyway, FCA thinks that the Fiat 500e will be the perfect city car, especially for car-sharing services. Volkswagen thinks the same about the Volkswagen e-up.

It’s clear that electric cars are perfect for city driving, where they often use regenerative braking. The extremely low running costs and the fact that some European cities are already banning ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) cars, make electric cars very tempting for car-sharing services and automakers are now aware of this new business opportunity.

I don’t know how well will the new generation Fiat 500e be welcomed in Europe, but since it’s a small car designed for the city environment I think that it depends more on the price than the range it’ll have. Considering that Skoda is aiming to sell the e-Citigo for 19.000 euros I hope that Fiat doesn’t overprice it too much. Fiat will probably charge 4.000-5.000 euros extra for the cute factor…

However, the most direct alternative to the Fiat 500e would be the Renault Twingo ZE – if Renault stops postponing it -, which seems to be a Fiat 500e with two extra doors for extra practicality and still cute.

Renault Twingo ZE



What do you expect from the new generation Fiat 500e regarding range, price and availability?



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Pedro Lima

My interest in electric transportation is mostly political. I’m tired of coups and wars for oil. My expectation is that the adoption of electric transportation will be a factor for peace and democracy all over the world.

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2 years ago

This week be a hit in the UK. There are so many 500s on the road here! We love small cars.

2 years ago
Reply to  Pedro Lima

Yeah, the Fiat 500 has the cute factor that no other car has.

Tom Houlden
2 years ago

NCM 811s have about 20% more kWh/L than the current 500e, so even IF they saved cost by using the existing drivetrain (which already spins the tires) & just put 811s in the batt pack, it would get about 100 miles EPA. My own 500e already gets 100 in the city.

Probably biased but I think the 500 is cuter than the Twingo. I also think that for an SUV the 500X is pretty cute, & if they electrified that it would sell even better here in America (currently 500e is outselling gas 500s)

Tom Houlden
2 years ago

Current EPA of 83 mi x 120/63 = 158mi!! (254km)
For me that would be 190 city!! (306km)

Add even cheap oudated 50kW DC charging & it would be a fantastic EV for most people.

Tom Houlden
2 years ago

btw, even the current model has quite a bit of vacant volume to add cells behind the battery.

Also, Fiat might take some cues from what Scuderia is doing, &/or the production conversion model from Switzerland (with LiFePo, I think)

2 years ago

I would rather the 19k e-citigo but, what are the odds of really getting it in portugal? E-up is still 28000€

Tom Houlden
2 years ago

Since you mentioned availability, I found it interesting that even though the Fiat 500 didn’t originally have a factory electric option, a Swiss company produced one. Then the factory version became available, but only in California (& later, a few neighboring states), yet used models already spread all across the continent. Users are reporting on 500e forum from Florida, New York, Minnesota & Ontario. Then there’s also Scuderia, who bring them from America to Europe.

2 years ago
Reply to  Tom Houlden

Meanwhile a lot of firms import the Fiat 500e California to Europe. Even in a small country as Slovakia, there are over 300 of them. There is a big appetite for affordable electric cars in Europe and 3-years-old Fiat 500e is available for 15000-17000 €. If FCA wouldn’t be so inflexible with service, a lot more commuters will buy it.

Tom Houlden
2 years ago

As for price, my friend leased one for zero down & $125/mo including tax and wear&tear insurance. There are normally several used models available in Ca for around $8k, & I’ve now seen them as low as $6k.

2 years ago

If only we had those prices in Portugal…

Tom Houlden
2 years ago

Sorry. I really didn’t mean to brag. I was just thinking that (unfortunately) it will be a few more years before:
– All EVs & gas stations get 350kW+ DC,
– Gas cars are banned,
– People learn that batteries last longer than an ICE & cost less to replace…
So in the mean time, depreciation will stay high, & there should be good used deals worldwide from people who buy an EV but just can’t quite make it work without 350DC everywhere.