Volkswagen e-up gets a price cut

Volkswagen e-up gets a price cut
Volkswagen e-up in white

In Germany, Volkswagen decreased the price of the e-up from 26.900 to 22.975 euros (before environmental bonus).

However, even with a 3.925 euros price cut, this great electric city car is still extremely overpriced, considering that the gas version in Germany starts at 10.625 euros, which is less than half.

The good news is that the upcoming Volkswagen e-up 2.0, Seat e-Mii and Skoda e-Citigo are expected to arrive next year with a WLTP range of 270 km and a starting price of 19.000 euros.

Anyway, it looks like the VW Group will soon dominate the electric car A-segment without much effort, unless Renault finally releases the long-awaited Renault Twingo ZE. The automaker who dominates the A-segment of electric cars will also dominate the car-sharing business in Europe, which can be very profitable.



More info:!/30100/39002/e-up!?page=engine

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Jonas Jovial

“Anyway, it looks like the VW Group will soon dominate the electric car A-segment without much effort…”

The joke of the year…as if VW would ever keep up with their promises…

Kim Andreasen

It is unfair to compare the price of an e-Up! with the base price of a fossil Up!. You should compare between e-Up! and the e-Up! High, as the e-Up! only comes in the High version. Then the price diff is not very big.


Has anyone else in any other country seen a price drop on the Volkswagen e-up? Here in Denmark the price hasn’t been dropped yet.


In Portugal it still costs an impressive 28,117 euro.


I just checked again, now the price has dropped from 195 990 DKK (26 132 Euro) to 179 995 DKK (24 000 Euro) , so only a price drop of about 2000 Euro.

Now dropped to 24.368 euros, but still too expensive.!/30151?page=trim


How often do ICE cars get their list pice cut? Rarely. If the manufacturer can’t sell the cars, they do campaigns, make model year updates, change the engine options, release a “Classic” edition loaded with options to make the otherwise unsellable car move. That any EV get an outright price cut shows that this is an emerging market. The old Nissan Leaf was placed with customers through very generous lease deals, but not direct list price cuts. If the repeat this with the 40 kWh version, we may soon have the option of low cost compact and moderate range cars… Read more »


If Volkswagen really is serious about selling the next e-up for about 20.000 Euro, they should maybe slowly lower the price of the current e-up to that level before the next e-up becomes available. It will probably be very difficult to sell a current e-up for 27.000 Euros if you can get a new e-up with double the range for 20.000 Euro. So maybe we can even expect a further price-cut before the next e-up becomes available. Volkswagen doesn’t care about their current customers, but the dealerships will probably be pissed if they buy a demo e-up for 27.000 Euro… Read more »


I think that is an interesting line of thought. If the new car is priced agressively, it would anger customers of the old one. Usually, each new car model gets better and a little more expensive. Here we might have a new model that could be both better and cheaper. Should we expect campaigns on top of the price cut on the outgoing model?


Henrik: I have no insider knowledge, but dependent on how popular the e-up is in your country I would expects some discounts. In Denmark there are very few for sale at least of the face lifted version and I think the few that are waiting at a dealership will probably be sold quickly. You also have to consider if you are interested in a current e-up. Often a new model means a new design, but in this case the new model has twice the range. I surely hope that Volkswagen has made some more change besides upgrading the battery cells… Read more »


Don’t get too excited. VW’s promisses match those from Microsoft. When VW says somethimg about future, he wants it to stay in the future.