Peugeot iOn gets a price cut in Italy

Peugeot iOn promo in Italy

The Peugeot iOn isn’t dead yet, at least in Italy where it recently got a price cut. Now this electric car costs 18.900 euros.

Curiously, this is also the price rumored for the upcoming Skoda e-Citigo.


While the next generation Citroen C1, Peugeot 108 and Toyota Aygo are expected to go full electric, it won’t happen before 2020. Therefore, PSA isn’t killing the Peugeot iOn and Citroen C-Zero just yet.

Nonetheless, while this electric car is great for city driving it’s still extremely overpriced. The tiny 14,5 kWh battery doesn’t justify why this electric car costs roughly twice as much as the PSA’s gas counterparts Citroen C1 and Peugeot 108, which are more recent and have better equipment.



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  1. I saw this car a couple of days ago in the city where I live. Still looking good.

  2. I think the problem is car makers made a deal with the suppliers of batteries with a fixed price, so when new cheaper batteries become available, they can’t lower the price.

  3. By the way, in the spanish configurator of the Renault Web site, you can already select the R110 engine, which cost 2100€ more than the R90 engine.

  4. No news in Portugal…still above 30kEUR… HA HA HA… I really don’t get it… My 2018 Nissan Leaf special edition (similar to nconnecta+propilot) was (after discounts but ahead of government incentives) also this price reserved in December 2017 and delivered in May 2018… 40kwh + 1 seat than the “clones” + more luggage + more equipment + different class/handling/power, etc… .hummm is this even serious?!?
    I think the right price (at least for now), would be around 15KEUR… it is a 5KEUR premium over same gas powered option which believe is something manageable (mine was 5kEUR more expensive than similar diesel option)…more thant this should not even be on sale…

    1. The idea of making the new generation electric triplets actually came from Toyota long ago – in late 2016.

      Therefore I doubt that they’ll leave the partnership.

      I think that the Toyota AYGO is the only Toyota car in Europe that hasn’t a hybrid variant available. For the next generation it makes sense to make it fully electric, instead of putting a complex hybrid powertrain in such a small car.

  5. The iOn in the shape of the I-Miev was the pioneer back when presented in 2008. That is an eternity in for an EV. Just for fun, I looked up the specs of the original 16 kWh battery. I concluded that if replaced by modern cells from e.g. Leaf or Zoe it would double the capacity.

    The cars dealers in Sweden still try to sell used 2011 models for over 100 kSEK / 10 KEUR. Getting into one is a shock: There are absolutely no features whatsoever. A car designed when the benchmark was the Th!nk, not Tesla.

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