2019 BMW i3: more range with slight price increase

BMW i3

BMW Germany released today the prices for the BMW i3 and i3s with the 120 Ah battery version. Let’s see and compare them.


  • BMW i3 (94 Ah): 37.550 €
  • BMW i3s (94 Ah): 41.150 €


  • BMW i3 (120 Ah): 38.000 €
  • BMW i3s (120 Ah): 41.600 €


The battery capacity increase from 33 to 42,2 kWh means that you get 9,2 kWh extra for 450 €, which is a great deal.

Notice that BMW didn’t release the prices for the extended range version (REX) yet. BMW definitely expects the BEV version to sell much better than the REX, which already happens today.



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  1. Still, if they wanted to be ready for Model 3, they would make 50 kWh and slightly decrease the price.

    Until 2020 they don’t care if sales will be hurt my Model 3

  2. Now the CCS charging port is included in Germany. It costs 960 Euros in the past (German market)

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