Nissan LEAF sales for August 2018

New Nissan LEAF

Nissan took more time than usual to release the European figures, but we finally have the sales figures for every major market where the Nissan LEAF is sold.

Let’s see and compare them to previous months.



  • Europe: 2.480
  • Japan: 2.065
  • USA: 1.315
  • Canada: 1.050
  • Total: 6.910



  • Europe: 4.024
  • Japan: 2.040
  • USA: 1.149
  • Canada: 418
  • Total: 7.631


Best month yet (March)

  • Europe: 6.503
  • Japan: 2.997
  • USA: 1.500
  • Canada: 423
  • Total: 11.423


While the European market seems to be declining, it’s still the strongest market for the Nissan LEAF with more than 43.000 units already sold this year. The Japanese market seems stable and in North America, Canada is compensating the low demand for this electric car in the USA.



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  1. Terrible deliveries in Europe. It is while there still around 20k reservations.

    Tesla Model 3 – 18300
    Nissan Leaf – 6910

    Tesla Model – 59305
    Nissan Leaf – 56321

  2. You cannot compare Nissan Leaf which is an actual car to a 50000 USD cool toy, which tesla is. The Tesla is 20000 USD more expensive for God’s sake. The fact that it sells and the Leaf doesn’t can only be explained this way. We’re not there yet. EVs still don’t sell. Not enough people want a real EV. Sure, lots want the new Iphone, the coolest toy in the world and are willing to pay for it but not enough people, normal people, real, actual people want to buy real, actual electric cars right now.

    1. How are you justifying the LEAF being an actual car while the Tesla is a cool toy?

      Yes, the lowest trim LEAF is almost $20k cheaper than the cheapest available Tesla. It’s also almost $20k more expensive than the cheapest car available in the US market. That doesn’t automatically make the LEAF a toy.. cars exist at different prices points and the market determines whether that existence is justified. So far, it’s given a thumbs up to the Model 3 and a big shoulder shrug to the LEAF.

      The 2018 LEAF sits in a weird spot where it has enough range for most daily driving but poor quick charging capabilities (~45 kW before throttling). Couple that with a stagnant charging standard that in the US and Europe, and perhaps its sales are no surprise.

      The true second-gen LEAF can’t come quickly enough.

    2. Because they are too expensive…but iPhones are too expensive too and they sell them like cakes.

    3. Your replay is terrible. People want a practical car. Nissan Leaf is not practical, because it has limited range and very slow charging.

      I would buy any EV with range over 300 km, 40 kWh Leaf is not in that list.

      But real reason why I wrote my comment is simple – In August Model 3 became the most selling EV in the world in 2018 overtaking Nissan Leaf.

      1. Illia the terrible (don’t be mad, I couldn’t resist). Do you have any idea what your precious model 3 will cost in Europe? No, you don’t. Which is more practical? A bird in the hand or two in the bush?

  3. The strong Canadian sales will probably drop in September, since August was the last month for the $14K Ontario EV rebate, and there were probably a lot of people taking advantage of it. Nissan got the cars delivered, but other makes like Hyundai just didn’t get EVs here on time. (talked to a couple at a charger the other day who got the Leaf because the Ioniq wasn’t going to show up on time)

    But those Canadian sales are still impressive. The monthly record for the Gen 1 Leaf was 170 units, so the amount the 2018 has sold means that there might already be more 2018s on Canadian roads than there are 2011-2017s. I do see the 2018 fairly frequently here in Ottawa. Tesla Model 3 are also showing up more and more frequently too.

  4. ChaDeMo is hurting Leaf sales in europe. Tesla going it’s own way, everyone else is going CCS. The new Ionity charging network is CCS only, and other will probably follow. Major risk that finding a fast charger for leaf will be in future as hard as finding hydrogen..

    OTOH Leaf is still the only reasonably priced EV in europe you can get without excessive wait from order time, and with healthy e-nv200 sales we can take the chargers will stick around still for a while.

    1. Very good point with chademo.

  5. Believe the reason for a lower sales volume in Europe would be holiday season (for both the factory producing them and clients :)).. as someone mentioned, as far as i am aware there is still a backlog of orders as many people ordered Leafs (in Europe) and are only booked for deliveries in October, November and even in 2019…

    When TM3 deliveries start booming in Europe (end of 2019?), Leaf might become oblivious if 60kwh version is not competitive at several levels 40kwh isn’t (rapidgate, chademo port instead of ccs, higher production levels to meet demand, etc…)

    1. I am confident that Tesla will start full-scale deliveries of Model 3 in Europe in February. Not late 2019.

      They have to sell long range version there if they are not ready to produce Short range version for US customers (I believe they are not ready for 35k car and won’t be ready for another year)

      1. See, this is what I don’t get. Tesla gets a free pass for at least another year but everyone is pissed at Nissan for actually selling a 30k EUR car. Go figure. Maybe everyone is winning virtual lotteries or something

  6. This Leaf 2 is on the verge of becoming a commercial failure.

  7. The UK numbers will be low as sept/march are new registration plate time and all the deals will be based on that, also I would imagine Sunderland would have sped back up…

  8. August is a slow month in Europe for NIssan.They sold three times as many Leafs this August as August 2017, and it’s still the best selling EV/PHEV in Europe.

  9. Pedro, Hyundai numbers for August are in and they are terrible

    1. All EV numbers are terrible. All of them. Tesla sells because it’s cool, not because it’s electric. I’m sorry. Wish it wasn’t so

  10. It’s not me. It’s the market. Leaf’s price seems to be just about right for a new car in the US. 50k? Yeah, not so much. And it still sells more than the leaf you say. But that’s exactly the problem. It shouldn’t. Doesn’t speak wonders of Tesla. But it does make it painfully obvious EVs are far from being a real solution yet. Mind you, I’m no FF shill. I wish Kona would sell in the millions. Do you see that happening? Neither do I

    1. Don’t know what happened. Supposed to be in reply to protomech

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