Nissan Leaf sales in July

2018 Nissan Leaf on the road

Without surprise, Europe continues to be the Nissan Leaf’s strongest market with more than half of the worldwide sales.


Let’s see the numbers for July.

  • Europe: 4.024
  • Japan: 2.040
  • USA: 1.149
  • Canada: 418
  • Total: 7.631


Now let’s see how it compares with the best month yet – for the 2018 MY.


Best month yet (March)

  • Europe: 6.503
  • Japan: 2.997
  • USA: 1.500
  • Canada: 423
  • Total: 11.423


The majority of electric car buyers are informed buyers, and this in part explains the sales decline of the 2018 Nissan Leaf. The 2019 Nissan Leaf is the electric car that’s in everybody’s heads right now. This is especially true for North Americans that want more range and faster charging to make their typical road trips more enjoyable.



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  1. I’m glad sales are slowing down. Nissan needs to learn the hard way that the tms version is way past due, and put this 40kWh version at a serious discount

    1. Price 40kwh Leaf at 20.000€ and it will sell like cakes, no matter it lacks TMS.

  2. They get sold because of the lack of any better: Bolt/Ampera-E, Ioniq, Kona, Niro, Model 3.

    1. True. The USA markets pretty much proves this.

    2. They get sold because they are much cheaper than those cars. Nissan incentives blow away those cars.

  3. Anyway, this month we`ve seen more then 4K deliveries in Europe. It is interesting because Nissan`s plant at Sunderland clearly couldn`t build more than 3K Leafs in previous months.

    Is Nissan starting to ship Leafs from USA to Europe?

    1. Perhaps shipping Batteries. Building more Cars can’t be the problem. Sunderland is big enough for much more Leafs.

  4. July:
    Tesla Model 3 – 14600
    Nissan Leaf – 7631

    Nissan Leaf – 49406
    Tesla Model 3 – 41220

  5. Any stats on the IONIQ or KONA?

    1. 1317 KONAs in Korea

  6. Perhaps shipping Batteries. Building more Cars can’t be the problem. Sunderland is big enough for much more Leafs.

  7. I have just been on a two week trip through the north western US and I have not seen a single new Nissan Leaf (, I have seen some older Nissan Leaf in Washington and Oregon, a single Chevy Bolt, a few Chevy Volt and lots of Toyota Prius, especially in Seattle.
    I have seen a single Tesla Model X, a few Tesla Model S and probably about 10 to 15 Tesla Model 3. Most Tesla Model 3 were red in color.
    Seeing North American vehicles, it became clear to me that one very important vehicle group still is missing an EV alternative, the pick-up truck. I didn’t see a single EV in Montana, but lots of pick-up trucks and pick-up trucks are very common all over North America.

  8. July, not Jully

  9. Password?…

    1. Sorry, CATL asked me to withdraw confidential information in that article. It’s now private.

      1. The roadmap is still visble though.

  10. Alright, they can’t ask me to withdraw information from my memory, right? 🙂

    PS: a post on BYD and their expansion strategy would be great!

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